Vatican Angel – Watercolour

Vatican Angel - Watercolour on Paper
Vatican Angel – Watercolour on Paper

This is a painting that I done in watercolour in March, I created this using a photograph that I previously took, as a reference to work from.

The original statue is to be found on the Ponte Vittorio Emanuele bridge in Rome, leading one into the Vatican city, I’ve tried researching who designed the sculpture and who made it but without many results¹. The bridge itself was constructed to the designs of Ennio de Rossi.

Overall this painting is an interpretation of the battle between dark and light, good and evil, I have attempted to describe this battle in a few different ways within the piece.

To begin with is the obvious, a silhouetted angel figure, a figure that is instantly associated with light and love, is a dark black silhouette, no light emanating from the angel whatsoever, but it is illuminated by the lighter background behind it, almost as though it is being pushed forward by the light, and away from the light.

Upon further examination of the light behind the angel, it becomes evident that it is actually a storm cloud, battling it out with the much lighter and more welcoming pristine blue sky, whether the cloud is building up, ready to engulf the world of light or whether it is dissipating is open to the interpretation of the viewer.

That brings us back to the angel itself, so at first a vision of darkness, it’s now questionable whether the angel is fighting off the darkness that’s surrounding it and seemingly fighting a losing battle; being consumed by the darkness from within and becoming another fallen angel; or is the angel sacrificing itself, consuming the darkness to bring the light to the world?




¹If anyone reading this knows who the artist was that designed and sculpted these statues I am dying to know so I would be thrilled if you could enlighten me, I’m pretty certain that they’re not works of Bernini, although there’s tons of his designs dotted around the entire city; both Rome and the Vatican.


New Updates!!!

I’ve been working on different aspects of my site this week and have made a lot of changes to everything, I’ve also finally updated my Portfolio at long last and put quite a few recent pieces of work on there.

There are still a couple of sections that are under construction, like my new “Insights” page, “Artist Statement” and I’m also strongly considering a page for written word/poetry. These unfinished pages will be sorted out shortly and I still have some more artwork to upload and plenty more blog posts to write, the ideas are flowing well and I endeavor to make more time each week or two to post something new and keep consistent from this point forth.


Jack Whyte – A Dream of Eagles (Camulod Chronicles)

Jack Whyte - A Dream of Eagles
Jack Whyte – A Dream of Eagles

This 9 book series written by Jack Whyte, a Scottish-Canadian author was brought to my attention when I stumbled across the first two books of the series in ‘The Works’ and bought them. In the UK the series is titled “The Legends of Camelot” and having a keen interest in the Arthurian legend, I decided to give them a shot. The UK published versions of this series have also have different titles to the originals, to save confusion I’m going to list the books by their original titles as decided by the author himself.

A Dream of Eagles (Camulod Chronicles)

  • The Skystone
  • The Singing Sword
  • The Eagles’ Brood
  • The Saxon Shore
  • The Fort at River’s Bend
  • Metamorphosis
  • Uther
  • The Lance Thrower
  • The Eagle

I tore through the first two books within a week and I was straight online ordering the rest of the series, totally hooked and hungry for more.

In my opinion, and I have read and watched a vast amount of re-tellings of the Arthurian legend, this is the most realistic, believable and gripping version I have ever come across. Jack Whyte tells the story and places it in a believable time setting and structure, Camelot being formed just as the Roman legions are leaving Britain, starting off as a few villas and some farmland, built up by two Roman-British Legionaries and visionaries, Caius Brittanicus and Publius Varrus.

I would definitely recommend this series to anyone that is interested in historical fiction, Romans, Arthurian legend, Merlin and Camelot, it truly places everything perfectly and is a really enjoyable read. As I said before there are 9 books in the series and they’re not short books either, but they’re easy to make short work of with their page turning effect.

If you have already read this series of books or want some more information on them, feel free to get in touch via the comment section or email, I’m happy for a discussion.


Updates & Changes

I’ve had a major workload for the past few weeks and have therefore been quite neglectful of my blog, all I seem to be doing is hand writing annotations for every step I take in my coursework, so I haven’t had the mindset to be writing any more than I already have had to.

Anyway, now that I’m up to date and have handed in the killer module that was weighing down and looming over for so long I have returned to WordPress and to my blog. Upon my arrival back to my blog I looked at it and became quite disheartened as it just seemed to be wilting and dying a slow death like an unwatered plant. At first the incentive it gave me was to just delete it and make a new blog once I was ready but I didn’t want to lose the little that I have published, also waiting to be ready it would have never happened, I surprised myself at starting one in the first place.

What I have decided to do instead is to revamp and change my existing site and make it more personal, I’ve got a ton of different works to scan into my laptop and upload and I’ve also got a lot of new ideas to make my site better, so that’s what I will be working on, there have already been some minor changes and I will keep on going until I’m happy with it. Presently my house is being turned upside down by workmen fitting a new kitchen and my art studio is full of crap, so in the next week or two I should have my space back, then I can get cracking and scan my work in and start making the drastic changes that I need to.

In the meantime, if you happen to stumble upon this lowly artist’s site and feel as disheartened as I did, check back again in a couple of weeks and see the new version which with any luck will be so much better that it erases any memory of the prior.