Updates & Changes

I’ve had a major workload for the past few weeks and have therefore been quite neglectful of my blog, all I seem to be doing is hand writing annotations for every step I take in my coursework, so I haven’t had the mindset to be writing any more than I already have had to.

Anyway, now that I’m up to date and have handed in the killer module that was weighing down and looming over for so long I have returned to WordPress and to my blog. Upon my arrival back to my blog I looked at it and became quite disheartened as it just seemed to be wilting and dying a slow death like an unwatered plant. At first the incentive it gave me was to just delete it and make a new blog once I was ready but I didn’t want to lose the little that I have published, also waiting to be ready it would have never happened, I surprised myself at starting one in the first place.

What I have decided to do instead is to revamp and change my existing site and make it more personal, I’ve got a ton of different works to scan into my laptop and upload and I’ve also got a lot of new ideas to make my site better, so that’s what I will be working on, there have already been some minor changes and I will keep on going until I’m happy with it. Presently my house is being turned upside down by workmen fitting a new kitchen and my art studio is full of crap, so in the next week or two I should have my space back, then I can get cracking and scan my work in and start making the drastic changes that I need to.

In the meantime, if you happen to stumble upon this lowly artist’s site and feel as disheartened as I did, check back again in a couple of weeks and see the new version which with any luck will be so much better that it erases any memory of the prior.


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