The Lord of the Rings Project – Update

After some deliberation I have decided that I’m going to slightly change the layout of the project to how I first envisioned it. Originally this was going to be a five part venture but it will now contain six parts; they will be laid out accordingly:

  • Part I – Sketches of random scenes/places in the trilogy
  • Part II – Pencil and Watercolour sketches of Middle-earth landscapes

Those two parts have already been carried out and posted respectively and you can find them by clicking the link of each part above. The next parts are where I deviate from the original plan and change it slightly:

  • Part III – Scene chosen for final piece, analysis and breakdown using the literature and film trilogy as sources for doing so. This part will go into detail about the scene chosen and perhaps layout a proposal for doing so.
  • Part IV – Preliminary sketches for final piece as well as a final detailed monochrome drawing to use as reference for final piece. Emphasis on composition and tonal values.
  • Part V – Progress on final piece; underdrawing and various progress photographs as final painting is carried out.
  • Part VI – Final Piece – Oil painting depicting the narrative scene chosen in Part III.

That’s it then, the final layout for this project which so far has been a bi-weekly project, with posts published on the weeks between the project posts.

Part III will be published 19th August 2015 and it’s an exciting post that I’m looking forward to writing as I get to delve into the story itself and pick it apart for the benefit of the artwork I’ll be creating from it.

For those of you that are accompanying me on this journey I thank you, please feel free to share with others, comment and discuss any aspects of this project and leave any feedback, all of these things are greatly appreciated and most of all, thank you for taking the time to read these posts and be a part of this quest.

12th August will see a published post about two renowned Middle-earth artists, Alan Lee and John Howe, until then, take care!



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