The Lord of the Rings Project – Part IV

Welcome to Part IV of my Lord of the Rings art project, if you have been following this project from Part I, welcome back; if not then you can find the preceding parts by clicking the links below:

Part I

Part II

Part III

Part III laid out the idea and plan for the scene that I’m going to create for my final piece for this project; now that I know where I’m heading I’ve spent the time visualising how I’m going to carry it out on the canvas. I’ve produced a couple of sketches and played about with colours to get a feel for the scene.

Sketch of Initial Idea

This was initially how I thought to lay out the scene, showing Sam carrying Frodo up Mount Doom from the rear, whilst in many respects this idea would have worked, it just made me feel too distant from the impact of the narrative itself. This view kind of desensitizes the feeling and emotion of the scene, it also felt like a bit of a cop out to use this view rather than throw myself in the deep end from the start.

I roughly sketched the figures and the closely surrounding landscape aspects, it’s a very dark and rocky place, sharp, close and oppressive, miserable and depressing, these are things I need to bear in mind throughout the process in order to convey the piece with the right feeling.

Mordor - colour study - watercolour - watercolor - j glover - lord of the rings - art

These simple colour studies were created using watercolours and just playing about with ideas of colours to use in the final painting for the landscape and sky. Although the final painting will be painted using oils, I couldn’t resist splashing about with watercolours and making a mess at the same time. I didn’t do a great deal of mixing with the colours as this was more of an exercise to get my brain working in the morning before I started my drawing.

Mordor - sketch - watercolour - watercolor - j glover - lord of the rings - art

This watercolour sketch is a rough idea of the landscape I’ll be placing my figures into for the final painting; the slopes of Orodruin in the foreground with the mountainous volcanic surroundings and the dark, thick, fire-like skyline of Mordor in the background. I need to carry out some pencil sketches of the landscape I’ll be using before I do add it to the canvas so I’ll probably include those in the next part of the project, along with the underpainting of the final piece.

Now for the cartoon sketch of Sam carrying Frodo that I have transferred onto my canvas already, this one is the original drawing on paper and it didn’t scan very well so I darkened it a bit on Photoshop before uploading here.

Sam Carrying Frodo - Drawing - Sketch - LOTR - Lord of the Rings - J Glover

I truly enjoyed creating this drawing as this time I did what comes naturally to me and spent my time working on it, this is the way I always used to work although it has held me back a lot in the past. The fast sketches do free my work up a lot in areas where needed, but for this drawing it needed more detail and tonal values to work with.

There are a few minor adjustments that I will make for the painting and each figure will need more detail but as it stands, this drawing is a map for the tonal values and the transfer to my canvas is the same, minus the tone and it’s in charcoal.

That’s about it for this part of the project, unfortunately I have been ill for the past week and that slowed me down a lot, hence this post being a day later than scheduled but such is.

Next week will be another Tolkien related post and the week after should be Part V – a detailed drawing of the landscape setting for the figures of Sam and Frodo, as well as the underpainting for the final piece. The underpainting being ready in two weeks is dependent on things going well and to plan; as I have said before, this will be my first work in oil paint and it’s a huge undertaking, I’m confident that it will work out I just can’t be too precise with the timing as I haven’t got past experience to base it on.

I hope you have enjoyed this post and gained an insight into how the final piece is going to look and please feel free to comment, re-blog, follow and all that nice stuff and until next week, take care!



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