The Lord of the Rings Project – Update

Hello everyone, as you may or may not have been aware, today would be the scheduled day for Part V of my Lord of the Rings Project; unfortunately as I had estimated before, now that I’ve moved into the oil painting stage of the project things are going a bit slower than the sketching stage. I’ve nearly completed the underpainting of the figures but the surrounding landscape still needs to be sketched in and underpainted before Part V will be ready to publish.

In order to avoid disappointment from this stage on, I’m no longer going to set the schedule for project posts as every two weeks, I’ll post them once ready and provide updates in between accompanied with images showing the progress at each stage of a post. Next Wednesday, I will post another update with images of the work at that stage, I may have the background and landscape blocked in by then, in which case it will be Part V of the project.

I still will be posting every Wednesday and as much as possible for the duration of this project, my posts will still be Tolkien related for the most part.

I’ll leave you with the links below for all the posts on this project and relating to it, feel free to check them out and share, leave feedback and converse. Until next week, take care!


The Lord of the Rings Project – 

Part I

Part II

Part III

Part IV

Tolkien Inspired Artists –

Matthew Stewart – Freelance artist, draws on Tolkien’s legendarium for inspiration

Alan Lee & John Howe – Tolkien Estate illustrators, concept artists for the movies

Ted Nasmith – Tolkien Estate illustrator

JRR Tolkien – Tolkien’s own illustrations for his books


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