The Lord of the Rings Project – Part V

Hello and welcome to Part V, if you have missed the previous parts of the project you can find them all by Clicking Here.

This part of the project is the underpainting of the final piece, the penultimate part of the project and a very important part. I’m glad I managed to get the underpainting finished and ready in time for today’s post; as I pointed out before, this is my first venture with oil paints and a totally new approach; however, so far it is going extraordinarily well and I’m hoping this journey continues with the same tenacity.

sam carrying frodo - oil painting - art - underpainting - lord of the rings

In Part IV I showed the cartoon sketch that I made ready for painting and the transfer to the canvas in charcoal, so I started my underpainting process by going over the charcoal lines with oil paint. The only colours that I used throughout the entirety of the underpainting of the figures were: Burnt Umber, Black, Titanium White and Yellow Ochre.

I started the process by blocking in the darkest areas and then working to the lighter areas as I progressed.

sam carrying frodo - oil paint - art - underpainting - lord of the rings

Once I had all the tonal values that I wanted for the figures, I sketched in some outlines for the landscape of Orodruin, or Mount Doom. These outlines were used very loosely and roughly just to give myself an idea of how I wanted the lines and slopes to fall, leaving enough of a space to add some of that dark and firey skyline of Mordor.

I also needed the lines to ground my figures as prior to adding them, Sam and Frodo were just floating aimlessly on the canvas and providing no insight to the struggle that is occurring.

Sam Carrying Frodo - Finished Underpainting
Sam Carrying Frodo – Finished Underpainting

This is my finished underpainting, sorry if the photograph quality isn’t great I wasn’t able to scan this canvas and nor could I find a decent camera, nor a person capable of exploiting the use of said unfound camera.

I stuck to my original palette of colours for the entire landscape other than the skyline. For the sky I used a selection of reds and Primary Yellow, I will later add some more fire and lava like essence to the skyline before later closing much of it up with thick, toxic clouds; the sky will just be showing through in places.

I now have to let the paint dry for a while before I can move onto the next stage, adding colour and details to the piece, and so far the suspense of having to wait is killing me; I’m also quite worried about how the next stage will go, so far everything has gone well and I’m just hoping it stays that way.

As for the Part VI, that will be the final part of this project and won’t be published until the painting is completely finished, I will however keep posting updates between now and then as the piece progresses and I’ll also be sure to get better quality images for those updates.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post and if you’ve been following this project along I thank you for that also; please feel free to comment and leave any feedback or advice, share or re-blog and subscribe to my blog, all of these things are much appreciated.

Next Wednesday’s post will be the announcement of a little competition or contest that I intend to run and the full details will be published then, so if you’re interested in the chance to win some free artwork then come back next week for that.

Until next time, take care!


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