The Lord of the Rings Project – Update

Welcome back for the update of my current project, if you’ve missed the previous parts of this project, they can all be found by Clicking Here 

In Part V, I published the finished underpainting of the scene that I’ve chosen to depict for this final painting; Sam carrying Frodo up the slopes of Mount Doom. I’ve now made more progress on the painting and started the overpainting phase, it’s a total learning curve and I’ve made a few mistakes here and there which I’m rectifying as I go.

I’m gradually becoming more comfortable with the oil paints and I am convinced now that this is my medium and will be employed for all future works; with the odd watercolour here and there.

Sam Carrying Frodo - Art - LOTR Art - the lord of the rings - painting

So far, I haven’t made many changes to the figures other than a layer of colour over their trousers; there are two reasons for this: Firstly, I have a fear that once I layer over the underpainted figures I am going to lose them beneath a mass of flesh coloured paint; secondly, I wanted to get the landscape up to a good standard and once I have the colour palette I desire for the landscape, I can use those colours in the figures to create a colour harmony throughout the piece.

Presently the painting looks a bit of a mess and very dark in places, as is evident there is still a lot of work for me to do, especially to the mountain and the ground, as for the sky it needs some dark, thick clouds added to it and that part will basically be done. The midtones that I added to the rocks closest to Sam and Frodo have turned out darker than they looked when I was laying them on so I’ll address that in my next session and then I can move onto the highlights.

I am determined to make this painting work and come out how I want it to, even if it does end up 6 inches thick by the time I’m finished, it will get finished.

In the meantime, I’ll keep posting as I have been and every fortnight or so I’ll post an update on the project.

I am also running a competition at the moment which will both determine the next project and give people a chance to win some of my artwork, both printed and original work so if you’re interested in that you can find it Here.

Until next week, take care and thanks for taking the time to view this post!



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