The Discipline of Drawing

With my Lord of the Rings painting project drawing to a close, I’ve started to think about where I’m going next in terms of project ideas and subject matter for another oil painting; I have countless ideas of what to do for my next piece but I also have a lot to learn about the human form in general and I need to build up my skill in that area.

Whilst I’ve been working on my painting lately I’ve started to notice that all the time I spend creating is working on that one piece, which isn’t really a problem in itself but I’ve been neglecting my drawing. It wasn’t until the other day when I thought I’d leave the painting and sit and do some figure drawing that I realised how long it had been since I last did pick up a pencil.

Nothing came out the way I wanted it to so I just kept trying and after a couple of hours called it a day. Since then I’ve been spending a couple of hours almost everyday day just sketching figures and mannequins to get myself back into the habit again.

It’s a discipline, it requires time and effort to train and practice, without putting those into it it will never become fruitful. It’s like any other discipline; if a boxer only trains once a week or once a month then he/she won’t be winning many fights or even progressing at all. I think that since starting my painting and becoming so consumed and enthralled with digesting everything I could learn about oil painting techniques, I kind of let go of the fact that drawing is a discipline and became a bit complacent; but all is not lost, yet.

portrait-drawing-old masters-renaissance-drawing the head-book
The Artist’s Complete Guide to Drawing the Head – William L. Maughan

I decided to get myself a new book to really kickstart myself into this discipline again fully and I’m glad I did because this book is truly something else as far as art technique books go; the method of drawing emphasised throughout is Chiaroscuro and Sfumato, very much up my street and I’m looking forward to making a start on it tomorrow.

I have also been taking driving lessons and should be driving in the early part of next year so at that point I’ll be joining a life drawing class, which is all the more reason to become more familiar with it all now.

I also plan to start up a new posting schedule for Fridays or at least every other Friday which I will use to post the best of my drawings for the week and I will post the first one next week so as to give myself some time to get into the swing of things.

My main objective is to draw the figure, or human form, however I will probably draw other objects as well some weeks and include those.



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