Ruins Project – Update

I have now started work on my new project which I announced last week, you can see that post by Clicking Here.

For this project, I will be publishing the artwork that I create in parts and in between the parts containing the artwork will be written pieces about relevant artists or pieces relative to the theme of Ruins.

I will be publishing the first written piece next week, looking at some of the beautiful artwork of Francis Towne, a little known artist who traveled to Rome in the 18th century and painted some beautiful watercolour landscapes of the scenery of the old Empire’s capital.

Throughout the course of the project I will look at a variety of people who have captured the charm and beauty of the ancient world through different media as well as those who have incorporated it into imaginary scenes, such as I intend to do.

So until next week, take care!


Featured Image – Francis Towne – Inside the Colosseum – 1780


Project Concept – Ruins

For the past week in between studying portrait drawing and sketching away I have also been spending a lot of time thinking of another project to get on with; something not as large scale as my Lord of the Rings Project from last year, but detailed enough for the final result to be added into my portfolio.

Having a lot of interest in concept art, fantasy and history, as well as wanting to create art that has a narrative inclined me to choose a theme that will be a combination of all of my interests.

The concept that I have come up with for this project is Ruins. I’ve always found myself drawn towards ruins; Bronze age, classical, medieval, even contemporary desolation such as Chernobyl captivate me and inspire me in ways that I find hard to explain. I think a big part of what draws me towards ruins is the fact that they all tell a story; tales of abandonment, legends of sieges and warfare, chronicles recording the destructive power of weather and time and even epics of natural disaster.

I don’t just want to reproduce an image of an already familiar set of ruins for this project though, I want to create an imagined scene for my final piece and that is the objective. In harmony with concept art, I will be drawing on the historical to create the fantastical.

As before with my previous project, I will post the development of the project in stages; there is a lot of ground to cover throughout this project and an innumerable amount of resources to draw from.

My intentions are to

  • Gather information on historical architecture
  • Study existing ruins
  • Explore the work of others in this field such as; Concept Artists – Historical Painters – Landscape Painters – Architects – Photographers
  • Build a collection of images to use for reference and inspiration

I will use the information that I gather to create a series of sketches and studies that I will use towards the final piece, working with various media.

Part I of this project will be published within the next two weeks and I hope for as many of you to join me on this journey as possible.

Until next time, take care!


Featured Image – Il Foro Romano – The Roman Forum

Back Into My Chamber of Reflection

Today I finally managed to get back into my study for the first time properly in about three weeks due to one thing after another and circumstances beyond my control; anyway today was back to work and therefore it was set to be a good day.

I made myself a large coffee, sharpened up my sanguine pencil and started making marks on paper; a relief indeed after three weeks of frustration and eagerness to get stuff done. I didn’t create anything great, I just sketched a few figures and done some anatomical stuff; nothing went the way I wanted it to today but it still felt good to get back to it. In fact, it’s amazing how much one’s drawing can suffer after a while without doing it.

Moving on, I’m going to start a small project the content of which I’m not sure yet; this time I’m going to go for a drawing rather than a painting and whether it will be in graphite or ink yet I don’t know, that will depend on the subject matter and how I wish to portray it.

So for now, I’m going to think about what story I want to depict and then I’ll get some research done and get straight to it, by next week I will know what I’m doing and that will be the subject of next week’s post.

Well I look forward to posting again next week with a more informative post and not the ramblings of an artist who broke two pencils in one day…