Ruins Project – Part I -Ideas & Sketches

So finally the time has for publish the first part of this project containing my own artwork; although having said that, aesthetics are not the aim of this stage, ideas and forming a concept have been my only objective. In just the course of the short time I’ve spent on these sketches, the entire concept has changed hugely and I am now at a stage where I know where I want to go with the work for a final piece; but that’s a little way off yet.

Initially the idea was just to research different ruins and types of architecture until I decided upon what I wanted for my work, I primarily thought about doing an ancient Norse inspired work, some ruins and the head of a statue, perhaps hinting at an Icelandic landscape post-Ragnarok.

These were the first two sketches I done, somewhere between doing these and doing more research my scope changed. I no longer felt the want for doing the Norse idea and moved toward incorporating some form of Greek/Roman architecture, wanting to get some columns involved.

That said, I still wanted a sense of the mystical involved, so I decided to keep with the idea of having standing stones in the piece, they will not however be a focal point. I done a quick sketch of some standing stones to use as a reference later.

standing stones sketch

Initially thinking of adding a barrow style ancient Celtic tomb, I instead changed this idea to use an old stone sarcophagus as the focal point instead. This then sparked the inspiration needed for the story behind the final piece of work.

All the sketches that led to my final idea are below

This selection of ideas and sketches is how I worked my way up to figuring out how I want my final image to look, I have done a real rough sketch of the basics; I still need to figure out my composition, lighting etc. before I get on with a more detailed drawing in a later part of the project.

Concept sketch for final

There is still a lot of work to be done and quite a way to go, although I initially intended this project to be a small one, I’m slowly piling on the workload and have been considering the final piece being created in oil paint, which will take longer but equally, it’s the medium I most enjoy so it makes sense to use it.

The idea as to the story behind this piece of work I am not going to set in stone just yet, so who the sarcophagus contains will remain a mystery; at least for now anyway.

The next post from me will be a written one in relation to the project, and Part II of this project will contain my final idea for the composition and various other elements of this piece and should be published in a fortnight.

Please feel free to leave any feedback and until next time, take care!


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