Morning Coffee-Coffee-Cup-Morning-Coffee-JGlover-FineArt

Morning Coffee I – Morning Coffee

Good morning and welcome to the latest feature that I’ve added to my blog, Morning Coffee.

Morning Coffee will be a weekly series of posts that I will publish on Friday mornings; whilst engaging in my ritual of intoxicating my bloodstream with the caffeine it so desires upon awakening.

The content of the Morning Coffee posts will vary week to week and isn’t going to be limited to art as with most of my other posts; this will allow more freedom of thought and general blogging. Each week’s subject will be the title of the post; as this week is the first post it is about the feature and therefore entitled Morning Coffee.

I have given this feature it’s own tab on my site under the “Writing” tab, making access to the posts easier if anyone has missed any as the weeks go on.

I think that sums up the main points of this new feature, next Friday I will begin with a more informative post, I started late this morning due to getting things in order on my site and creating a featured image for it on Photoshop.

The credit for the original photograph that I used for the featured image goes to Mark Blaszczyszyn, whom I found on Flickr.

So I hope to see you next Friday for the Morning Coffee post, I welcome any feedback on this idea, take care.


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