Ruins Project – Part II – Concept Drawing

Hello and welcome to Part II of my Ruins art project, if you missed Part I, you can see that by Clicking Here.

With this project being a shorter one than the last one was, I have jumped the gun a bit in terms of getting straight into drawing up a final concept to use as a reference for the final painted piece of work. I didn’t want to drag it out and take another age before wrapping up the project as I need to get as many pieces of work added to the portfolio as soon as possible; moving fast but without detriment to the quality of the work.

Without further ado, here is the finished drawing –

Merlin's Resting Place - Concept Art - Sketch - Drawing - Fantasy - J Glover - Fine Art
Hic Requiescit Merlini Veneficus – Here Rests Merlin the Sorcerer

This drawing and the concept behind it have been really exciting to work on and formulate a story from,  I will save the details of the story behind this piece for a later post though and for now I’ll just talk about the drawing itself.

The landscape I have created here is from my imagination and has been crafted together with great care, I’ve put a lot of thought into the composition as well which is a new area for me; there was as much thought and deliberation as there was drawing with this piece.

I didn’t go overboard with attention to detail, a lot of the elements that make up the landscape are just sketched in rather loosely, working freely is a great motivation to keep it going and the more detailed work will go into the final painting, after spending some time on an idea, a scratch or a scribble to someone else would be just that, but to the one who made the mark it’s identifiable.

I initially intended to have a lot more architectural elements with this drawing but as I was going it seemed to work out better visually having less and keeping my focal point clear, in some cases less is more and this turned out to be one of those cases.

Here are some detail shots – 

These photos just show in more detail the hill in the mid ground that has the standing stones, I wanted the standing stones as soon as I started out on this project and had no idea of the narrative I was going to work with; the fact that the story behind the art later involved Merlin, made them all the more relevant to the narrative.

For the sarcophagus, I played about with a few ideas, very very rough sketches happened in this stage and I couldn’t bring myself to photograph them let alone put them in this post; I tried to have a Latin inscription in the stone of the sarcophagus but that didn’t go to plan either. The end result is one I’m happy enough to keep, it looks old and worn and not too elaborate which could have suggested it wouldn’t have been made in the time period it’s intended for; a beautifully ornate sculpted Renaissance style sarcophagus would not have existed in 5th century Britain.

Due to the setting of when Merlin was laid to rest, ancient Roman style architecture made great sense for the temple that he is resting in, which by the time of my drawing has also fell into ruin and decay, the columns are recognisable and work with the time period, they should also give the viewer a sense of familiarity.

Next Steps

The next stage of this project will be figuring out and choosing the colour palette for the painting, I also have to get a rough charcoal sketch onto a prepared canvas, ready to paint.

I will also write down the narrative for this piece and the thought process behind it, laying down the story before I fully commit to the painting will help me to better convey the mood and atmosphere I want for the finished artwork.

I hope that you have enjoyed this post and thank you for taking the time to read it, feel free to leave any feedback and comments and I hope to see you for the next part of the project.

Until next time, take care!


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