Ruins Project – Part III

Hello and welcome to Part III of my Ruins Project, it has taken me some time to get this part finally published and I apologise for the delay; between one thing and another the work on this project came to somewhat of a standstill. However, I am now back to focusing on this project and ready to get Part III posted.

Where we left off in Part II I had just completed my final concept drawing and was moving toward getting the canvas prepped and a colour palette mixed up for the painting, now that both of those things are completed and I have put some colour onto the canvas, we can take a look at the current stage of the project.


charcoal-landscape-drawing-underdrawing-oil painting-classical-art-fine art-fantasy-fantasy art
Charcoal Underdrawing – Charcoal on Canvas

I used the grid method to size up my original drawing and get a rough outline onto my canvas ready to paint directly onto. Clear to see here is a mistake that I made with the left column, as I had my original drawing on Photoshop with a grid over it and I hadn’t scrolled all the way to the left when I began drawing; a rookie mistake if ever there was one. It’s nothing that can’t be rectified as the paint starts going on though so all is not lost, as of yet.

Landscape-underpainting-oil painting-art-fine art-fantasy-fantasy art-landscape-painting-classical
Underdrawing with a Yellow Ochre Wash

As soon as my underdrawing was done, I went over it with a very diluted yellow ochre wash, this gives a nice ground colour to work on throughout the rest of the painting process. One regret I do have though is that I hadn’t established the colours I was going to paint with at this point and a crimson/purple wash would have worked better for my nocturne piece. Again though, I can and will still work with this and make it work for me as the piece evolves all will be well.

Colour Palette

Nocturne-Landscape-Painting-Oil Painting-Colour Palette-Color Palette-
Nocturne Landscape Colour Palette

I experimented and played about a lot, as well as wasted a fair amount of paint whilst deciding upon a colour palette I could settle with for this piece; as soon as I began mixing colours I made the decision to produce a nocturne landscape and thus went through a tonne of blue mixes.

I finally settled on the palette shown above, and the colours that will be used throughout this piece will be:

  • Titanium White
  • Prussian Blue
  • Burnt Umber
  • Burnt Sienna
  • Payne’s Grey

I will also add a few little bits of Alizarin Crimson here and there to bring out certain features in the landscape.

Start of Painting - Ruins - Landscape
The Painting Begins

This final photo shows the start of the painting process, finally getting the paint onto the canvas helps to continue with the work, often the hardest thing with any painting is beginning it. This is currently where the painting is at, I’m going to be continuing work on it Wednesday and I certainly won’t leave it as long before the next part of the project is published.

I hope that you have enjoyed this post and please feel free to leave any comments and feedback. I hope to see you join me for the next post and until then, take care!


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