ruins-oil-painting-art-artist-contemporary-classical-classicism-history-narrative-landscape-merlin-druid-magical-fine art

Ruins Project – Back to Business

It felt like a lifetime ago that I last wrote a post for the Ruins Project and upon checking when the last post was, my suspicions were confirmed. Between one thing and another, circumstances have dictated the path of my work over the past month or so; I won’t go into all that here and now as it’s pretty irrelevant at this point.

The good thing is that I’m now back in my Sanctum Sanctorum and working again. I’ve been doing some little bits and pieces today, tomorrow will be much the same as I have a few small pieces I’m currently working on; Friday however, I will be back to painting and working towards getting this project finished.

It’s ironic really because when I began this project I wanted it to be a smaller project than the Lord of the Rings one but I think this one has been a bigger undertaking all in all. I’m at the stage now though where it just needs finishing and wrapping up in order to move onto the next project; there is no definitive deadline as it is an experimental piece inasmuch as it being only my second oil painting and I’ve learned so far that it is hard to time that which I do not fully know.

ruins-oil-painting-art-artist-contemporary-classical-classicism-history-narrative-landscape-merlin-druid-magical-fine art

This is the current stage of the painting, base layers are all down and now it’s just a case of reworking and refining the piece and getting the details in. In theory the bulk of the work is over but the detailed work will be time consuming so in practice it is hard to state a definitive finish date.

There is also the factor that the time I’ve spent away from the piece has led me astray mentally, I need to re-immerse myself in the landscape and the narrative behind it again to bring back the story as a reality within my own consciousness, living and breathing the scene whilst painting it will add much more life and atmosphere to the finished painting.

My main objective with my work when painting a narrative scene, is to paint it as though I am there in person; a witness to the story that captures the moment on canvas as it unfolds.

I look forward to Friday’s painting session and I’ll get Part V published as soon as I can after Friday.

So until then, take care and thanks for reading!


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