ruins-oil-painting-art-artist-contemporary-classical-classicism-history-narrative-landscape-merlin-druid-magical-fine art

Ruins Project – Part V

Hello and welcome to Part V of my current and ongoing Ruins Project!

Since the last post I have spent some time on the painting, refining areas and adding some details in the background and mid-ground areas where needed.

There isn’t an awful lot to say at this stage so here are the before and after photographs from the last session.

ruins-oil-painting-art-artist-contemporary-classical-classicism-history-narrative-landscape-merlin-druid-magical-fine art
Before the last painting session
ruins-oil-painting-art-artist-contemporary-classical-classicism-history-narrative-landscape-merlin-druid-magical-fine art
After the last painting session (Image is slightly cropped)

All the refinement work and reworked parts are not entirely obvious at a glance but in terms of blending and setting the colours right it feels a lot better.

There is still a fair amount of detail work to go into the mid-ground trees and water and the foreground hasn’t been touched yet so that needs a hell of a lot of work doing to it. The water is actually causing me a bit of a headache as I’m having trouble with making it work, it seems to flatten the image more than make it work as a landscape so I’ve also got to figure that out still; it’s an area where working solely from imagination to get the texture and lighting to look right just isn’t working.

So with all that in mind, there is still a fair amount to do but I’m glad I’m back to working on it again as I’m hoping to wrap it all up pretty soon and get on with the next piece of work.

Until next time, take care!


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