A Walk Outside – Healing the Mind

After a short hiatus and a struggle to get back into the swing of working on my art projects every day and keeping the blog updated regularly enough to justify having one, I’m finally getting back into the mindstate I require in order to get the work done.

In aid of this journey back to my preferred reality, this evening I decided that me and my wife should get out for an hour or so and go down to the marina at the local nature reserve and go for a nice walk in the serenity of the beautiful landscape which is unbelievably close to the council estate we live in.

View of Marina – Thames Estuary

What’s even more amazing is the fact that it still hasn’t fallen victim to property and commercial development like most of the other green spaces that this area used to boast have; we’re still quite fortunate in that respect.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, other than the hayfever it was a truly enjoyable way to spend some time and it felt invigorating to get out and walk through the woods, it has been such a long time since I last did it.

The Pathway

Memories flooded back of when I was eleven or twelve, packing up a bag and walking through the woods for hours on end and just feeling at one with the natural world; it is a sense and a feeling that is all too far removed from most of mankind in this modern age, which is a terrible shame really because there is so much to be gained from spending time outside.

It is a place where I feel safe and able to think clearly, providing a healing of the mind at the same time as lighting up all those synapses that are dulled down day to day by screens and monitors.

We spent probably about an hour and a half out walking and talking and enjoying the relaxing and refreshing pace; in that time though I became a lot more relaxed, inspired and motivated. Also there was the added benefit and enjoyment of spending some quality time with my wife; something that is all to easy to let slip amongst the busy and distracting events of day to day life.

Interesting Tree Form

All in all it was a beautiful and well spent period of time, and is something that I intend to do a lot more often than I currently do, it’s time to take some pointers from my much younger self, pack up a bag and get out into the natural world; although next time I’ll take a sketchbook and draw what I see rather than using my phone’s camera.


2 thoughts on “A Walk Outside – Healing the Mind

    1. It certainly was a great way to refresh and refuel myself, I’ve just got to make it a habit now and stick to it.

      Thank you very much it was such a lovely scene there needed to be a visual recording of some kind and being a dope I totally forgot to take a sketchbook.

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