Hadleigh Castle

One of the greatest things about driving is the fact that I now have the means to go to places that are either inaccessible or extremely long to get to via public transport; I just pack up a bag, jump in the car and I’m off to wherever it is that takes my fancy, time and weather permitting of course.

Yesterday I decided to head up to the remains of Hadleigh Castle, not a great deal of the castle is left but there’s definitely enough to get a sense of the place and a feel for how it once stood so proudly and defiant against a most beautiful and scenic backdrop.


I found it to be an incredibly peaceful place to sit and reflect, there were a few people about but it wasn’t overly busy like many of the more popular tourist sites and attractions around the country. 

It is nice to sit and truly immerse oneself in the environment, wondering about how it would have been to be sat where I was in the castle’s glory days hundreds of year ago.

I did a little bit of sketching while I was there, not as much as I should have considering my leanings towards being an artist but I was overwhelmed and just happy to sit and enjoy my surroundings. Sometimes it is good to just see the world and take stock of everything, sketching does help to do that and when I return I will make sure to get plenty of sketches in pencil and watercolour.

 I took a fair few photographs before I left the site, these will serve me well as reference for artworks in the future and it’s also great to have some form of visual recording to look through at a later date to spark memories and get the creativity flowing again; places like these are the ones that inspire me to work.

Another great thing about this place is that it is only a twenty minute drive from where I live so I’ll be visiting again really soon and with the familiarity from yesterday’s visit, I’ll be less overwhelmed and more intent to get some serious sketch work done.



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