Wudang Monk – Ink Drawing

I decided it was time to upload some more recent artwork of mine so with that in mind here is a concept that I’ve been working on lately; it has currently culminated in an ink drawing which will be a preliminary piece for a future painting.

As is customary for me nowadays, it all started with a gathering of reference pictures and that led to some initial sketches and studies.

Initial Sketches and Pose Studies

Using a biro allowed me to work fast and loosely, not worrying about mistakes and discrepancies and just focusing on getting the marks on the paper. I learned a lot from this process and it was also an enjoyable one as I didn’t feel pressured in any way, just sketching to my heart’s content.

art-artist-fine art-wudang-shaolin-monk-priest-sketch-drawing-zen-figure-study-history-narrative
More Detailed Sketches

For stage two of the process I found some references that I really liked the look of, they held a strong narrative and when I’m looking for reference this is a key element.

Again I sketched using a biro and worked speedily and fluidly, transcribing the images onto the sketchbook page and learning a lot in the process of doing so. That’s one of the beautiful things about creating art, every single mistake is a lesson in drawing/painting.

Now for the final ink drawing –

Ink-Drawing-Illustration-Art-Artist-Illustrator-Wudang Monk-Shaolin-History-Hundred Eyes-Marco Polo-Artwork-Fine Art-Zen-Figure-Study-Narrative-Chinese-Sketch-J Glover-Josh-Glover
Wudang Monk – Ink Drawing

I actually ended up spending a lot more time on this ink drawing than I initially intended to; I didn’t achieve the likeness of my reference as such but the figure I did end up with is one I am reasonably pleased with.

This still isn’t the end of the road for this concept though, I am going to draw the figure up again and tackle a watercolour painting and as soon as I make a start I’ll publish a stage by stage post detailing my process.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed, until next time, take care!



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