The Legend of Zelda – Part I – Sketches & Studies

Welcome to Part I of my latest project!

This latest endeavour of mine is inspired by the incredibly captivating and masterfully crafted videogame series, the Legend of Zelda.

I found myself at a bit of a stalemate with my last project after being away from it for so long, so in order to rejuvenate that creativity I thought it would be best to move on and start something new and exciting; thus I eventually came to the idea of creating a Legend of Zelda inspired painting for my portfolio.

In this part of the project I have covered a fair amount of sketches and a couple of watercolour studies of Link (the main protagonist of the series) and I am ready to begin working on some more sketches and drawings for a final painting.

Without further ado, here is the stuff that I’ve done so far –

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Legend of Zelda Fan Art

I recently felt inspired to do some Legend of Zelda artwork and have spent some time over the past couple of weeks doing little sketches and drawings of Link; the main protagonist of the series.

It has been a very enjoyable process and I decided that I’ll most likely work up a more detailed drawing and get a painting done to add to my portfolio, I had actually forgotten how much of a Legend of Zelda fan I was as a youngster and it feels exciting to be working on a piece of art inspired by one of my favourite video games of all time.

I’ll be publishing a post with my work so far real soon but for now I thought I’d share some of the work of other artists that I’ve come across during my research; these artworks are nothing short of awe-inspiring and each one holds a very strong narrative.

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