The Legend of Zelda – Part I – Sketches & Studies

Welcome to Part I of my latest project!

This latest endeavour of mine is inspired by the incredibly captivating and masterfully crafted videogame series, the Legend of Zelda.

I found myself at a bit of a stalemate with my last project after being away from it for so long, so in order to rejuvenate that creativity I thought it would be best to move on and start something new and exciting; thus I eventually came to the idea of creating a Legend of Zelda inspired painting for my portfolio.

In this part of the project I have covered a fair amount of sketches and a couple of watercolour studies of Link (the main protagonist of the series) and I am ready to begin working on some more sketches and drawings for a final painting.

Without further ado, here is the stuff that I’ve done so far –

Each of these sketches was created very loosely and with speed, it was more about learning the form of the characters and the style of drawing as opposed to creating fully detailed artworks.

This selection of the sketches and studies I have carried out mainly focuses on Link; and although I had a couple of flits of sketching the Princess Zelda herself, I don’t know whether she will be in the final painting or not as of yet.

Once I felt satisfied enough with the amount of sketches I had done I decided that it was time to do a couple of watercolour studies, again they were created loosely and with speed; a process that I utilized in order to get stuck in with the colour schemes and character style again. It was also nice to break out the watercolours, I haven’t used them in a very long time and I don’t have a great deal of experience with them; up until a couple of years ago I shunned watercolours altogether.

Once the paint had dried enough, I quickly drew in some linework with ink and pulled some highlights with a white gel pen.

Because Ocarina of Time was my favourite of the series and the one that truly hooked me into the storyline, I chose that as the starting point for my reference and the artwork style that I wanted to work with.

It also made sense to do a colour study of both versions of Link in the game; as a child and as an adult; this gives me more freedom for the final painting when I get to that stage.

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