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InkTober 2016

The time of year is fast approaching when artists of all different genres, styles and backgrounds partake in one of the biggest global art events of the modern age:


The rules for InkTober are simple enough:

InkTober 2016 rules art artist illustration drawing sketching sketch ink

There is also a list of daily prompts on the founder of Inktober, Jake Parker’s Website 

This will be the first year that I have taken part in InkTober and I must admit, I’m quite excited about it.

I plan to spend at least an hour every day in this endeavour, 40 minutes on a daily sketch and 20 or more minutes working towards a bigger and more detailed piece for the final day. I will only post my results to my blog once per week, but I will post every day on my –

Twitter – @JGloverArtist

Instagram – @JGloverFineArt

I don’t intend to follow the daily prompts, I want the freedom to sketch whatever takes my fancy on the day; coffee shop sketches, urban sketches, master studies and so on.

The first post on my blog for this InkTober project will be on Monday 3rd October, so I hope to see you then, in the meantime, feel free to check out a couple of my older ink drawings –

Wudang Monk

Study of Hands after Michelangelo




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