InkTober 2016 – Week 4

Welcome to week 4 of my InkTober project, this week has been a manic one and my mum is visiting from Spain so I’ve missed a few days over the past week; but on the bright side, for the next and final week, I’ll be working on a bigger and more detailed ink drawing.

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InkTober 2016 – Week 3

Back again for week 3 of my InkTober participation, I managed to get at least a quick sketch done for each day this week and I’m finding myself becoming a lot more comfortable using ink.

I’ve also been looking at the work from a lot of other people and there is some truly amazing stuff being created for InkTober.

Some artists are using InkTober to create a continual story that takes the viewer through the 31 days; plucked along day by day with a visual narrative that keeps the viewer wanting to come back the following day and see the development.

The idea of the storytelling approach is one that I find highly appealing, I think that’s what I’ll do for next year as it is a lot more engaging than 31 totally random and unrelated sketches.

Anyway, here are the fruits of my labour for this past week –

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InkTober 2016 – Week 2

So here we are, in week 2 (according to my posting schedule) of InkTober 2016, and what a week it has been; I’ve found it a struggle to get the sketches done on some days due to other commitments and I missed a day this week; shame on me…

Anyway, straight to business, here are the sketches –

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InkTober 2016 – Week 1

InkTober Logo 2016 Inktober October Drawing Illustration Ink Sketching Art Artist Draftsmen

So we’re three days into InkTober 2016 and it’s time to publish the fruits of my labour on my blog.

So far I’ve found myself starting my InkTober work late in the day due to other commitments and coming close to winging it every day, but my resolve is strong; the downside being that the past three days have produced very fast and very loose sketches; the sort of art that never makes it out of my sketchbook and into the view of anybody.

That being said though, this month is about improving skill and every time the pen touches the paper, whether rough sketching or detailed work, it provides a lesson and a growth of skill.

So here goes nothing…

Inktober 2016 sketch ink drawing art illustration wolf howling at the moon
InkTober Day 01 – Lone Wolf
Inktober 2016 sketch ink drawing art illustration viking norse raven odin mythology history
InkTober Day 02 – Raven’s Head
Inktober 2016 sketch ink drawing art illustration viking voyage landscape longship vikings history legend myth
InkTober Day 03 – Viking Voyage

To stay updated with my InkTober sketches daily, as well as other pieces I’m working on, follow me on –

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Well that’s all so far, I’ll be back next Monday with the following week’s results and hopefully some more refined sketches and studies, if you’re also taking part in InkTober 2016, feel free to leave the link for your site in the comments or email me; I’ll be happy to check them out.

Until next time, farewell!