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The Joy of Change!

I’ve been making a lot of changes to my blog and approach to my work of late, the redesign process has gone relatively smoothly and I’m a lot happier with how everything is looking now. I’m also happy for any feedback on the overall look on my site, just click this link and you’ll be spirited across the vast oceans of internet before quickly being settled into my personal stronghold.

These cosmetic changes are just the beginning though, there are also some bigger changes I’ve made and I’m intending to make such as:

  • The name and domain, I started this blog as J Glover Fine Art but I dropped the ‘Fine’ part for a few reasons and I’m happier now with plain old J Glover Art – www.jgloverart.wordpress.com

  • I’ll no longer be writing pieces analysing and reviewing the works of other artists, except in rare circumstances where it is truly relevant to do so and I can’t resist the urge to do so. As interesting and fulfilling it is to research and write about artworks, I found this process to take too long and distracts me from focusing on my own work.


  • Morning Coffee is history; this change actually began a while ago now as my schedule changed and I couldn’t find the time to write a post that I was happy without pre-writing it and scheduling, which felt like a cop out for a post specified for mornings.


  • Less pages! This change was definitely a must, without immediately realising, the blog was slowly becoming a labyrinth of different pages and categories which was all well and good until a visitor became lost in the depths and was unfortunate enough to stumble across the minotaur. I’d sooner be known for my art than as the Daedalus of the blogging world.


  • Portfolio update. Presently I am keeping my current portfolio as it is, just until I get the next series of artworks finished and as soon as I’ve got them underway, the current portfolio faces the scrapheap.The past couple of years have been spent learning the craft and trying out various techniques and due to this, my portfolio has no cohesion and also doesn’t stay true to my goal of being a storyteller.

That’s about it as far as I can remember, I started this changing process over a week ago now and it’s taken some time to get everything how I want it to be but now it finally is.

I am also starting work on my new portfolio, which I intend to be a much more professional showcase of my artwork as opposed to the very student-esque one I’ve got presently. I have big plans for this new undertaking and next series of works which I will divulge in a more in depth post next week.

Until then, I say thanks for stopping by and farewell!


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