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The Art of Storytelling…

As I said in my last post ‘The Joy of Change!’ I have recently made a lot of changes to my blog’s appearance and the content that I now intend to publish.

I am also about to embark on an epic journey which will lead both myself and my viewers along the endless and varying paths of my imagination; through time and across planes to a world of my mind’s creation, a realm that had never existed until the moment I put pencil to paper and brought the world and it’s inhabitants to life; a thought provoking idea in itself.

I’ve always been fascinated with stories and the art of storytelling and always equally wanted to tell a story of my own, without having the burden of excessive writing, redrafting and editing and spending a lifetime in doing so. With that in mind, I can use my artwork as a platform to tell a story and that is the cornerstone of why I started practising art in the first place.

The idea of this new epic project is to tell a story at the same time as making a brand new and more professional looking portfolio, a coherent and body of work that holds a strong narrative throughout, something that I can look back on and be proud of.

Oil paint will be the dominant medium throughout this project and I’ll probably throw in some charcoal drawings for good measure, as for watercolours I’m not sure whether or not I’ll use them yet.

I’ve already started preliminary sketches for the first painting of this project and I’ll soon start posting the progress as I go; the first post will most likely be a drawing and an introduction to the story and the world in which it is set, a visual prologue accompanied by some written words.

Please feel free to add any inpur or feedback at any stage of this project and subscribe to my blog in order to stay updated with every post.

I’ll be back real soon with some new artwork, until then, farewell!


Featured Image – ‘Old Tome Still Life II’ by Tom Mc Nemar

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