nude woman kneeling praying worship worshiping ancient religion art fantasy charcoal drawing illustration

Eldar Worship

Another piece finished and ready to build up more of the backstory for my current Leaves of Hellebore Series.

It has been almost a thousand years since the Fell War and the disappearance of the Eldar; there isn’t a soul who knows what kind of sorcery they used to end that conflict but it seems to have took them with it; a sacrificial magic beyond the wildest imagination of the wisest practitioners among Men.

With the Eldar vanished and fading into legend and myth, the power vacuum left behind was fast filled by Men of war who soon began upstart civilizations; if only the Eldar knew that their sacrifice would have only led to more warfare, this time between the fairer folk of the world, maybe they would have left the world to the Ogres and other fell creatures after all.

Once the Kingdoms and cities of Men were established, a new religion was born, that of Eldar worship. Ancient ruins became sites of pilgrimage, statues and artifacts were held in great reverence and temples were built; as closely to the Eldar knowledge of architecture as can be achieved by Man.

It has now matured into a very popular religion of peace and its followers adhere to doctrines created by  men of lore elected as priests. The doctrines are believed to be as close to the Eldar way of life as can be achieved with such little knowledge of that Age.

Gallio Lupinus – Religions and Philosophies of Mankind 

nude woman kneeling praying worship worshiping ancient religion art fantasy charcoal drawing illustration
Eldar Worship

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7 thoughts on “Eldar Worship

  1. Your drawing for Eldar Worship is stunning. Your details are so intricate and there is so much. Your work shows your amazing talent as an artist. And yes, your writing is awesome too. xoxo Ash

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you very much Ash again for such kind words, it means a hell of a lot and it truly is nice to log onto WordPress and see such an upbuilding comment.

      I’ve started work on the main storyline now as well so I’ll be getting paintings posted on here as soon as I finish them.

      Thanks again Ash! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks Ash and likewise with yours; it’s the beauty of crafting stories, no matter what medium is used the storyteller and viewer/reader are just as much a part of the unfolding narrative as the characters. 🙂

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