landscape rocks drawing art sketch fantasy illustration j glover art josh glover story

Morning Coffee & Sketch – Part II

Good Morning!!!

And another freezing cold morning it is as well, but that’s where the coffee plays a key role in this process. Today’s coffee of choice is a caramel blend which is nice, but perhaps a bit too rich for the first drink of the day.

If you missed Part I of this new series then you can find that by clicking here.

Any road, here’s the sketch for this morning –

landscape rocks drawing art sketch fantasy illustration j glover art josh glover story
The Tri Rocks

Sorry for the poor quality of the photograph, I’ve been using my phone but I’ll start using my camera for this next week.

Today’s sketch isn’t a narrative but it is something that will be equally as important for the visual fantasy novel that I’m crafting; a landmark, a glimpse of a small place in the world wherein the story takes place. These Tri Rocks will make their appearance in the backdrop of a piece of artwork further down the road.

This rocky slope is also surrounded by trees which I very roughly made impressions of rather than drawing them out fully and with detail; the idea of this series of sketches is too keep it loose and rough to allow the ideas to flow more than worrying about details; I can save them for the main artworks.

To see some of the already completed artworks click – Leaves of Hellebore

That’s about it for this morning, I’ll be back with Part III on Monday morning.

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Until next time, farewell!



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