forest path landscape fantasy art sketch j glover josh glover artwork woods myth

Morning Coffee & Sketch – Part VI

Good Morning!

Welcome to Part VI of my Morning Coffee & Sketch series, today’s coffee of choice for me is hazelnut coffee again, a personal favourite of mine and one that I can’t get enough of.

I’m currently working on an oil painting for my Leaves of Hellebore project which will be the first part of the main storyline, the painting features one of the main protagonists Gurdan, you can see the current progress of the painting by Clicking Here.

In the next week or so though I’ll be starting the thumbnailing and sketching stage for the next painting and I will include those as part of this series.

Anyway, here is today’s sketch –

forest path landscape fantasy art sketch j glover josh glover artwork woods myth
Forest Path

Something that I wanted to do with the sketches in this series is to show the landscape and environment of the world in which my story unfolds, that is why a lot of them have at least a small focus on the surroundings. This sketch shows a moody forest path, full of rocks, old gnarly trees and plenty of lichen and overgrowth.

This sketch is very rough and loose but I will also produce some small painted studies at some point as well to show the scenery of my create world in more detail and with colour.

I hope you have enjoyed today’s morning sketch and remember to subscribe to my blog to keep updated on my posts and see my projects unfold, you can find the subscription box by scrolling down the page.

Thanks for visiting and until next time, farewell!



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