Morning Coffee & Sketch – Part XIII

Good Morning!

Welcome to the thirteenth installment of my Morning Coffee & Sketch series!

It’s been six day since the last post in this series and it feels like an age; life has been a whole lot of hectic over this past week and is still continuing to dominate the greater proportion of my time presently. That being said I’ve been working again on sketches and I’m going to keep the momentum going.

I’ve started working up some thumbnails and small studies for another painting that I’ll be starting sometime this week with any joy; I’ll show the work for that in another post.

For now, let’s get straight to today’s sketch!

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Morning Coffee & Sketch – Part XII

Good Morning!

I’ve got a whole pot full of freshly percolated coffee and I’m ready to begin the twelfth installment of my Morning Coffee & Sketch series.

I took a slightly different direction for this morning’s sketch and experimented a little with a new technique; a technique that I will be practicing and honing in order to use for more detailed pieces as well as sketches.

Winsor & Newton Ink Nut Brown Photograph JGlover Art J Glover Josh Glover
Nut Brown Ink

It all started with the purchase of this Winsor & Newton Ink, I diluted the ink a fair bit in different proportions and then toned several scraps and pieces of watercolour paper; I like the idea of working on a toned surface and building my values using the paper as the middle value.

Here’s the sketch for this morning, using this method –

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Morning Coffee & Sketch – Part XI

Good Morning!

Welcome to my Morning Coffee & Sketch series, if you haven’t already then feel free to check out my current art project, a visual novel I’m working on called The Leaves of Hellebore.

I’ll be slightly changing the content of these posts every now and then in the future to include studies and general sketches so that not every post is a clean boxed composition idea; I find that it’s nice to sketch in a vignette style a lot and not always thinking about composition. Sometimes an idea sketch just needs to flow and find its own momentum without the restrictions set in place by drawing within a frame.

For now though we have another landscape idea –

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Morning Coffee & Sketch – Part X

Good Morning!

Welcome to the first milestone post of my Morning Coffee & Sketch series!

I’m a little bit later than usual with posting today but hey, it is Monday morning after all. For today’s post I decided to sketch a simple landscape scene and leave it absent of any figures, for now at least; when it comes to getting the paintings and detailed drawings done I’m not sure if I’ll produce any landscapes devoid of figures or not, I’d like to but we’ll see what happens closer to the time.

Let’s get to the sketch –

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The Assassination of the Emperor

Here I present another fragment of lore from The Leaves of Hellebore series –

assassination woman female emperor history ancient fantasy art illustration drawing biblical lore fine art j glover josh glover artist
The Assassination of the Emperor

After the Fell War and the disappearance of the Eldar; Mankind was left to fill the power vacuum that had been left behind; after decades of wars between the various clans and tribes the lands were divided up into larger kingdoms and thus the Age of Kings began.

This new kingdom arrangement brought an element of peace to the known world and produced a climate perfect for a boost in population growth and advancement; but after a few centuries the kingdoms began fighting again and this culminated in the War of the Kings and the birth of the Empire; founded by the general of the victorious army, Evrat.

Evrat, the leader of the newly founded Empire went on from the War of the Kings with a large army and continued on a series of campaigns conquering and devastating the resisting factions of the kingdoms until after fifteen years of proclaiming the new Empire he settled into the capital that he had built; Evradis.

Years of warfare and being on the frontlines of major battles had never proved too much for Emperor Evrat and his reputation only grew with every breath that he drew, but ultimately it was his penchant for prostitutes that proved to be his downfall; he was assassinated in a brothel at the behest of his brother-in-law who assumed the role of Emperor afterwards.

Emperor Evrat’s legacy lived on far beyond the man himself and the Empire is still in place four hundred years since its founding and is more powerful then ever, it has conquered and dominated most of the known world and continues to hold it in subjection.

Gallio Lupinus – History of the Empire Vol.I 


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Morning Coffee & Sketch – Part IX

Good Morning!

Welcome to the ninth installment of my Morning Coffee & Sketch series, I haven’t posted for a few days as it’s been one of those hectic weeks where everything seems to get in the way of creating and time disappears.

I do however have a new detailed drawing almost finished and I’m hoping to get that completed and posted on here in the next couple of days; I’ve been working on it for so long, leaving it for a couple of days at a time and going back to it, approaching it apprehensively and then abandoning. Today though I intend to face my fears with the piece and just get it done and stop anticipating the worst.

I also started the colour work on my Gurdan oil painting, there’s still some way to go with it but it’s coming along nicely.

Anyway, on to today’s sketch –

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Morning Coffee & Sketch – Part VIII

Good Morning!

Welcome to Part VIII of my Morning Coffee & Sketch series, this morning I had the coffee percolator preset and ready for the moment I opened my eyes which is nice; for me one of the most encouraging things in the morning is opening the bedroom door and smelling the beautiful aromas of fresh coffee calling me from downstairs.

I am two cups of coffee in at the time of writing this post and there will be plenty more as the day goes on I’m sure. I’ll also be working on my painting today which I posted a progress post of not long ago; you can see that by Clicking Here.

Now to the task at hand, this morning’s sketch –

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