Nude female model life drawing figure study sketch fantasy art illustration josh glover artist

Morning Coffee & Sketch – Part XII

Good Morning!

I’ve got a whole pot full of freshly percolated coffee and I’m ready to begin the twelfth installment of my Morning Coffee & Sketch series.

I took a slightly different direction for this morning’s sketch and experimented a little with a new technique; a technique that I will be practicing and honing in order to use for more detailed pieces as well as sketches.

Winsor & Newton Ink Nut Brown Photograph JGlover Art J Glover Josh Glover
Nut Brown Ink

It all started with the purchase of this Winsor & Newton Ink, I diluted the ink a fair bit in different proportions and then toned several scraps and pieces of watercolour paper; I like the idea of working on a toned surface and building my values using the paper as the middle value.

Here’s the sketch for this morning, using this method –

Nude female model life drawing figure study sketch fantasy art illustration josh glover artist
Nude Female with Drapery Sketch

I used a sanguine dry pastel pencil and also a white charcoal pencil which didn’t show up very well; I’m waiting on some white pastel pencils to arrive this week. The ink toning of the paper didn’t dry in a flat wash but I do like the roughness of it, it makes the paper look really old.

Working this method was really enjoyable, I seemed to work faster and I’m reasonably happy with the outcome, as far as a loose sketch goes this one worked out quite well in my opinion. There will definitely be more sketches and eventually fully fledged drawing created by me using this method. I’ll wait until the new pencils arrive before really digging in again though so hopefully by the end of this week I’ll have another one to post.

Anyway that’s all for this morning, until next time, farewell!



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