castle ruins architecture history sketch fantasy art illustration artist illustrator

Morning Coffee & Sketch – Part XV

Good Morning!

Welcome to part fifteen of my Morning Coffee & Sketch series, in honour of keeping the momentum I have another sketch and have ingested another ton of caffeine since the last post yesterday!

For this sketch I decided to use the sanguine pastel pencil again on the watercolour paper that I stained with the nut brown ink a while back, it’s a nice feeling working on a toned paper the form just seems to appear immediately.

Anyway, here is this morning’s sketch –

castle ruins architecture history sketch fantasy art illustration artist illustrator
Castle Ruins

This time around I had a much better white conte pencil but the camera on my phone hasn’t picked it up in the sketch very well which is unfortunate.

These ruins appealed to me as soon as I saw them, I love old ruins and castles and it’s an area I need to study in some more depth so that I can go onto design castles of my own creation for artworks that are believable to the viewer.

As for this particular ruin though, it may well appear silhouetted in the background of a later artwork rather than being the focal point of one.

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Until next time, farewell!



5 thoughts on “Morning Coffee & Sketch – Part XV

  1. The Sanguine against the stained paper looks so good Josh! And I really like the texture of the watercolor paper as well. Awesome as usual! xoxo Ash

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    1. Thanks Ash, it really is nice to work with and the watercolour paper catches the marks nicely but I think I’m going to stain some smooth card and see how that fairs for the next sanguine sketch. It’s all experimental at the moment and enjoyable also! 🙂

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    1. Thank you very much!

      I stained the paper brown with a nut brown ink diluted with water and used a red pencil and a white pencil for the darks and lights, the brown paper being an automatic midtone.

      It’s kind of hard to tell with the photo as I’ve been photographing these quick sketches using my phone; I should really use the camera and get a clearer shot.

      It’s a good way to work though having a toned paper and that being the midground, it shows the 3D form as soon as a darker and lighter mark are added and I feel it builds up confidence with sketching/drawing really fast as well. 🙂


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