Ragnar Lothbrok Lodbrok history vikings fantasy art illustration drawing sketch landscape horse viking

Morning Coffee & Sketch – Part XIX

Good Morning!

Welcome to my Morning Coffee & Sketch series, I don’t usually post one over the weekend and as far as I can remember this is the first time I have; but I couldn’t resist getting a sketch out this morning.

I had a really productive day yesterday with painting and I have no almost completed the oil painting of the first piece of the main storyline for my Leaves of Hellebore visual fantasy novel. Also today I’ll be starting on another drawing for the history and lore of the world I am creating for that IP.

Moving on anyway, this morning’s sketch is another inspired by the History TV show Vikings.

Ragnar Lothbrok Lodbrok history vikings fantasy art illustration drawing sketch landscape horse viking
Ragnar’s Wandering Years

This scene shows Ragnar whilst wandering the wilds in the years following the Paris raids and the final betrayal of his brother Rollo; he searches out a tree and attempts to hang himselfย in the fashion of the God from whom he claims to be descended; Odin.

It was nice to sketch a horse as well, I am still very uncomfortable with sketching horses but it’s a subject I need to practice and learn a lot more about as they are integral to the time periods that I draw inspiration from; and they are truly beautiful and majestic animals despite my fear of them in real life.

That’s about it for this morning, thanks for joining me for morning coffee and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Until next time, farewell!



6 thoughts on “Morning Coffee & Sketch – Part XIX

    1. It disappoints me that I have a fear of them as they truly are beautiful creatures; I will one day get over the fear and ride one I just need the guarantee that it’s calm and isn’t going to bolt off with me dangling from a stirrup haha ๐Ÿ˜€

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