Viking Longships at Sea Invasion Fleet Sketch Drawing Fantasy History Art Norse Mythology

Morning Coffee & Sketch – Part XXII

Good Morning!

Welcome to my Morning Coffee & Sketch series; today’s sketch or sketches, are the beginning stage of planning a new oil painting.

It is another Viking/Norse inspired piece and that now means the next two paintings are of that genre and I can’t wait to get stuck into it; I find the Viking/Norse culture a highly interesting one and it’s a subject that has fascinated me since I was a child so these next two projects will be very enjoyable.

I’m also trying something different for this piece and I have chosen to paint on a 20″ x 8 ” canvas and the idea of working on an oblong space is entirely new with the painting side of things at least. The canvas size has a 2:5 ratio so I drew my thumbnails at 4 cm x 10 cm and here they are –

Viking Longships at Sea Invasion Fleet Sketch Drawing Fantasy History Art Norse Mythology
Viking Invasion Fleet – Idea Thumbnails

This is the first four thumbnails I have created to generate ideas and try to find a composition that I like the look of; I will definitely sketch some more before settling on a design that I like and making a more detailed drawing; after that it will be onto the painting.

I’m slightly intimidated about getting the ships to look right in water and painting the sea, that will be a first for me but with some diligent study I’m sure that I’ll get there.

At this rate I might need to create a new art project category for Norse work as it is something I intend to do a fair bit more of alongside my Leaves of Hellebore project.

Well that’s all for this morning, feel free to subscribe to my blog and join me on this voyage towards adventure and plunder the subscription box can be found further down the page!

Until next time, farewell!



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