abandoned farmhouse stone ruins building architecture ireland britain derelict ink drawing illustration art

#WorldsForgotten – New Weekly Art Series!

Hi Everyone!

This is the beginning of a new weekly series; an exploration in ink of forgotten worlds and lands that have been left to the mercy of time and memory.

The idea of this project is to create a habit of drawing with ink at least once per week to increase my knowledge and skills with the medium; it’s a medium that I have fallen in love with and really want to use a lot more.

The theme of this series #WorldsForgotten can cover an absolutely huge range of ideas and concepts to work with; landscapes, ruins, architecture, sculptures; I can approach it from a historical point of view or a fantasy one; set the scene in our own world or an alternate one.

I will even be able to tie this theme in with other future ink drawings for my Middle-earth series!

The possibilities truly are endless with this theme!

Anyway, here is the first piece of the series –

abandoned farmhouse stone ruins building architecture ireland britain derelict ink drawing illustration art
Abandoned Farmhouse – Ink on Mixed Media Paper – 4″ x 6″

Now for the schedule…

Each illustration for the #WorldsForgotten series will be posted on Thursdays and as with all of my smaller works, the first place they will be posted will be Instagram.

Also on Instagram I post exclusive behind the scenes photos and short video clips (which I’ll be doing a lot more of nowadays) so be sure to follow me on there and be amongst the first to see new works and works in progress! – @JGloverArt

Every Sunday following the Thursday Instagram post, I will post the illustration here on my blog and add a bit more depth in terms of the description/story behind it and so on.

[Be sure to subscribe/follow to stay updated!!!] 

As for this first piece of the series, I’ll leave the story and history entirely to the imaginations of the viewers…

The Hashtag

Now in terms of the #WorldsForgotten hashtag; whilst solo exploration and journeying is a lot of fun and there’s a lot to be gained from solitary traveling; having a party of like-minded adventurers is definitely more fruitful and engaging.

Please feel free, whether you’re an artist/illustrator or writer, musician, urban explorer or whatever your medium of expression is, to use this hashtag to add to this series and share in this journey of discovery and observation with me.

Until next time, farewell!


3 thoughts on “#WorldsForgotten – New Weekly Art Series!

    1. Thanks Jay, I really can’t wait to dig deep into this one and get stuck in there’s so much inspiration. I look forward to you coming along for the journey man and thanks for the comment! 😀


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