Middle earth sketchbook lotr tolkien lord of the rings still life photograph

May 2019 – Monthly Instagram Roundup – Sketchbooks, Flowers & a Health Kick

Scratching Around, Sketchbooks in the Countryside…

Another very busy and hectic month has gone by and I’ve managed to come to the end of it and roundup a selection of photos. As usual it is a mixed bag and covers a few different aspects of my day to day life, a glimpse behind the scenes…

All of the photos are my own, taken with either my phone or digital camera and then edited solely using Instagram.

I hope that you enjoy this selection of my favourite photos that I’ve taken and posted to Instagram,  please feel free to follow me on there and start a conversation!


Each photo has been given a unique title to give a bit of a storytelling vibe; being a born storyteller it would have felt wrong not to give them titles that have more meaning than a mere description of the scene shown.

What I would really like to know from my readers is –

Which one is your favourite and why?

What sort of story do you imagine your favourite one tells?

I really will enjoy to read your thoughts on these questions and to have a conversation regarding them.

On The Easel

Gollum Smeagol Oil Painting WIP Figure Study Sketch Fantasy LOTR Tolkien Lord of the Rings
Gollum, Oil Painting WIP

Currently on my easel is a new Gollum painting, at this stage I have completed the underpainting, going very heavy with the green tones and creating a verdaille. I actually live streamed the process of this one on my Instagram and I will do the same for the next stages as well so be sure to be following me on there if you’re interested in seeing how I work.

The Farewell Speech!

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Until next time, farewell!


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