About MeHello and welcome to my site and my about page I’m Josh Glover,  a caffeine addicted slave to the paintbrush and unrelenting worker of the pencil that lives in Essex in the United Kingdom.

I have created this blog to serve as the main hub of my artistic endeavours; a space to document my projects, and tell my stories through a predominantly visual format.

The realms of fantasy, mythology and history inspire me the most and thoughtful imaginative storytelling is always at the forefront of my focus when creating art.

This blog could be most valuable to you as somebody with an interest in art, a studying artist or a fellow blogger looking for a read and a conversation that could stretch further than art alone, I’m also a history fanatic, a lover of mythologies and symbology, a fan of poetry and an avid reader.

I hope you enjoy the blog and find something to your interest, feel free to peruse the site and to Contact Me about anything and I will respond at the first opportunity. Also, by Clicking Here you will be directed to my artist statement which states my objectives as an artist along with details on my media, inspiration and more.


7 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey JG – Applaud the changes in your life. Stopped drinking 26 years ago. Life only gets better. Keep working hard on your dream. Tom


  2. Congratulations. You have let go of so many of the things that were weighing you down and moving forward into a full life that feeds you. This is such an informative and well written about page.

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