Artist Statement

I find myself driven by a split-personality consisting of a deep thinking, self-analytical perfectionist and an inventive artisan motivated to utilize my creativity ceaselessly. My over-active mind doesn’t allow me to cease thinking and planning creative ventures; at any time I’m not physically producing artworks, I’m mentally creating them.

Through the work I produce I explore the concept of the artist as a storyteller, making narrative artworks and breathing a fresh lease of life into ancient legends, myths and folklore, resurrecting onto canvas the tales that have been passed down from generation to generation. In harmony with that, my interest in the ancient, classical and medieval world provides me with a wealth of inspirational sources to work with.

It is also my intention and ambition to create my own fantasy world history and tell this through my artwork as well as in words; to invent and create an entirely new story that can be passed down through the generations and become immortalised both visually and verbally.

I hold the fantasy genre in very high esteem and it is a subject that I really enjoy to work with, having a love of history and an active imagination helps me to draw on the limitless resources of the past to create scenes and narratives that don’t have to have foundations in real world history.

In addition to narrative artworks, I also intend to create landscapes in a wide variety of locations; more often than not with my landscapes, I tend to search for a hidden story within my scene, evoking myth and legend into what could otherwise be depicted simply as a scenic view.

My preferred style of painting is traditional or classical, a style that I am currently working towards and learning more about with every stroke of the paintbrush and mark of the pencil; using either oil or watercolour as my preferred medium. In light of that, I have no intentions of merely duplicating the styles of old masters; I wish to build upon a knowledge of traditional methods in order to excel my own technique as an artist, working towards a new age of classicism.

I strive forward as a creative academic for my own personal renaissance; obsessed with study and learning that covers a broad range of subjects in order to fulfill my curiosity on this endless quest for knowledge.

The achievement I hope for is that I can make works of art that communicate with the audience, evoking emotions and inspiration, bringing them so close into a narrative that they are as much a part of it as the characters depicted in the unfolding scene. I want my work to leave a lasting impression upon all who partake in this communion of visual storytelling to the point that the audience will describe their experience to others, thus passing the tales on as has been the custom since the dawn of mankind.


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