The Art of Claude Lorrain

Despite my indecisiveness about whether or not to continue with a written counterpart for my Ruins Project, I have decided to write a brief post looking at some of the artwork created by the Master artist, Claude Lorrain.

Claude is without any doubt, one of the greatest painters of the landscape that has ever lived; although in 17th century Italy landscape painting was not a subject deemed classical enough to be classed as a true work of art and with that in mind, Claude painted figures and narratives into his beautiful scenery; usually mythical or religious figures that would feed the hunger both of patrons and the public. However, it is clearly evident from his sketchbooks and the quality of the scenery in his finished works that his focus was mainly centred around the landscape.

One good way to describe Claude Lorrain is as the painter of the idealised landscape providing the setting for classical subject narratives. The creator of mythical and religious scenes that the viewer can engage with as though present in the story, a Baroque equivalent of the cinema.

I have handpicked my favourite artworks by Claude Lorrain that are relevant to the theme of Ruins and in no particular order, here they are:

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Ruins Project – Part V

Hello and welcome to Part V of my current and ongoing Ruins Project!

Since the last post I have spent some time on the painting, refining areas and adding some details in the background and mid-ground areas where needed.

There isn’t an awful lot to say at this stage so here are the before and after photographs from the last session.

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Ruins Project – Back to Business

It felt like a lifetime ago that I last wrote a post for the Ruins Project and upon checking when the last post was, my suspicions were confirmed. Between one thing and another, circumstances have dictated the path of my work over the past month or so; I won’t go into all that here and now as it’s pretty irrelevant at this point.

The good thing is that I’m now back in my Sanctum Sanctorum and working again. I’ve been doing some little bits and pieces today, tomorrow will be much the same as I have a few small pieces I’m currently working on; Friday however, I will be back to painting and working towards getting this project finished.

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Ruins Project – Part IV


Here we are for Part IV of my Ruins Project, there’s still some way to go with the project overall but I though that it was time to offer another glimpse at this work in progress, which has come on in leaps and bounds since the last post and will soon be ready for the detailed work.

Sticking to my decision of this piece being a nocturne, I have continued with the same colour palette that I wrote about in Part III, but with the addition of using more Crimson than I had previously purposed to, giving the overall palette more of a purple hue; which I have found looks a lot more realistic and is definitely more pleasing to the eyes.

Without further ado, lets look at the painting itself.

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Ruins Project – Part III

Hello and welcome to Part III of my Ruins Project, it has taken me some time to get this part finally published and I apologise for the delay; between one thing and another the work on this project came to somewhat of a standstill. However, I am now back to focusing on this project and ready to get Part III posted.

Where we left off in Part II I had just completed my final concept drawing and was moving toward getting the canvas prepped and a colour palette mixed up for the painting, now that both of those things are completed and I have put some colour onto the canvas, we can take a look at the current stage of the project.

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Ruins Project – Update I

I thought that as it has been a couple of weeks since my last post for the Ruins project it would be  good idea to give an update on the current state of affairs.

The canvas is prepared and I have transferred my image onto it using the grid method to size it up to fit; I have given the canvas a yellow ochre wash over the charcoal lines as well; so all in all it is ready for starting the painting.

I’m at a bit of a stale mate with the colour palette I wish to use, whether to go for a normal daylight landscape, or whether to turn the piece into a nocturne which I think will make the scene a lot more interesting.

I’ve also had a commission piece to work on so that has been why I haven’t jumped straight into the painting yet because once I start, I don’t want to keep stopping; the commission piece I’m working on I will publish the progress of in this Friday’s Morning Coffee post.

I will be commencing the work on the Ruins Project next week so I’ll have a new post with some more progress to show by either the end of next week or the beginning of the following, thanks for stopping by and take care!


Ruins Project – Part II – Concept Drawing

Hello and welcome to Part II of my Ruins art project, if you missed Part I, you can see that by Clicking Here.

With this project being a shorter one than the last one was, I have jumped the gun a bit in terms of getting straight into drawing up a final concept to use as a reference for the final painted piece of work. I didn’t want to drag it out and take another age before wrapping up the project as I need to get as many pieces of work added to the portfolio as soon as possible; moving fast but without detriment to the quality of the work.

Without further ado, here is the finished drawing –

Merlin's Resting Place - Concept Art - Sketch - Drawing - Fantasy - J Glover - Fine Art
Hic Requiescit Merlini Veneficus – Here Rests Merlin the Sorcerer

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