A Wayfaring Fellow…

Travelling the long and lesser known roads the other day I came across a wayfarer, a vagabond out on a journey of his own; a journey that I have no knowledge of as yet and I didn’t even manage to catch his name but his character was evidently strong and captivating from a simple glance.

This particular character will certainly require further exploration and re-drawing in more detail but for now, here he is –

Wayfarer - Figure Drawing - JGlover Art - Fantasy Art Illustration
The Wayfarer – Unnamed Character

Unfortunately the scan quality left a lot wanting in the image but I adjusted it as best I could in Photoshop and it serves a purpose for now until I reacquaint myself with this fellow and learn more about him and his story and in turn passing that knowledge forward.

Until next time, fare well!


The Offering – Preliminary Sketch

An offering offering insight into the offering!

Well now that I’ve got that out of my system we can get into the point of this offering, a preliminary sketch for an oil painting that I’ll be starting at some point in the next fortnight.

Admittedly things have been quiet on the drawing front of late as I’ve just finished up an oil painting that I’ll be publishing over the weekend and I began a journey into the world of the Vikings and started a small scale longship build – [Click Here]

However, in the spare time that I did manage to miraculously find I started working out ideas for another piece for the lore of ‘The Leaves of Hellebore’.

Without further ado, here it is –

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The Last Flight of the War Drakes

Another fragment of lore from the Leaves of Hellebore

dragons in flight flying dragon oil painting fantasy art illustration lotr history mythology
The Last Flight of the War Drakes – Oil on Canvas – 8″ x 10″

The horns of the fell war blew a cry to awake

Through the night and the day, to the fight of an age

Over mountains and pastures the flight of the drakes

To the end of an era, to the light that’ll fade 

“To the war! To the war!” cried the chief of the Wyrms

Every winged beast and creature full of evil that lurked

In the world at that time had a reason to purge

The fair people of Earth, and then see that it burned

The last flight of the War Drakes was the one and only time that the great dragons had ever been known to band together as a unitary force; they flew with intense fury and vengeance to the battlefronts of the Fell War leaving a burning trail of destruction and death in their wake.

They flew to their demise and apparent extinction once the Eldar caused the ‘Burning Sky’ ending the fell war and eradicating every evil creature present.

Thus concluded the last flight of the War Drakes.

To see the development of this piece from its conception to the preliminary drawing, Click Here.

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The Ritual

Time for some more lore from The Leaves of Hellebore 

art illustration nude female figures worship religion drawing fantasy art
The Ritual – Charcoal on Canford Toned Paper – 11″ x 8″

Magic is no longer a part of the world, well at least not in the sense that it once was in years long past. There are few among Men who are considered to have some true insight into the ways of the Eldar but they are usually wanderers, strange and quiet men who spend more time alone than in the company of others and when they are they seldom say much.

There are also those who claim to have a full understanding of the arts of the Eldar, yet provide little more evidence than illusions and trickery. Alas, the great healers and inventors are long since gone and the human race has been left alone in the world; knowing little and guessing much it is no wonder that the lands are rife with wars and corruption.

Worshippers of the Eldar (Eldarites) engage in a variety of rituals to try and glean a better understanding of such things with the hope of turning what they learn to good purpose; but they forget at times that the Empire allows their religious practices to take place for reasons beyond a reverence for the Lost Race of the Eldar.

The Empire knows that there is much to be learned from the ancient ways and they are keen to turn such knowledge to their advantage and incorporate it into warfare and use it in their conquering campaign.

Gallio Lupinus – Religions and Philosophies of Mankind 

This piece is related to Eldar Worship‘; a previous artwork that I created for the Leaves of Hellebore that also gives an insight into the main religion of the fantasy world that I have been working on.

The enjoyment gained from working on this drawing was incredible and I definitely feel confident about moving away from graphite and using charcoal a lot more for detailed drawings; working on the toned paper is another newer aspect I have found myself drawn to like a moth to light, it lays a strong foundation for a drawing that makes the form pop from an early stage.

I’ll be back soon with some more artwork as I have a couple of oil paintings finished and ready to publish I just need to get them photographed and tweaked on Photoshop; one of them is the beginning of the main story line for the Leaves of Hellebore which I really can’t wait to get out there!

Until next time, farewell!


The Last Flight of the War Drakes – Preliminary Drawing

I’ve started working towards a new painting for the Leaves of Hellebore project, a piece that delves into part of the lore of the fantasy world and history that I’ve been creating and working on. It’s also imperative to start showing the landscape of the world as well within the artworks in order to contribute to a richer world building experience, so for this piece I have decided to kill two birds with one stone, Or two dragons…

With that in mind I have decided to publish this post to show some of the steps of my planning process beginning with the initial conception of this idea, leading up to the current stage that I’m at; the preliminary drawing.

When this piece culminates in the final painting, I will publish the written accompaniment with the finished artwork.

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The Assassination of the Emperor

Here I present another fragment of lore from The Leaves of Hellebore series –

assassination woman female emperor history ancient fantasy art illustration drawing biblical lore fine art j glover josh glover artist
The Assassination of the Emperor

After the Fell War and the disappearance of the Eldar; Mankind was left to fill the power vacuum that had been left behind; after decades of wars between the various clans and tribes the lands were divided up into larger kingdoms and thus the Age of Kings began.

This new kingdom arrangement brought an element of peace to the known world and produced a climate perfect for a boost in population growth and advancement; but after a few centuries the kingdoms began fighting again and this culminated in the War of the Kings and the birth of the Empire; founded by the general of the victorious army, Evrat.

Evrat, the leader of the newly founded Empire went on from the War of the Kings with a large army and continued on a series of campaigns conquering and devastating the resisting factions of the kingdoms until after fifteen years of proclaiming the new Empire he settled into the capital that he had built; Evradis.

Years of warfare and being on the frontlines of major battles had never proved too much for Emperor Evrat and his reputation only grew with every breath that he drew, but ultimately it was his penchant for prostitutes that proved to be his downfall; he was assassinated in a brothel at the behest of his brother-in-law who assumed the role of Emperor afterwards.

Emperor Evrat’s legacy lived on far beyond the man himself and the Empire is still in place four hundred years since its founding and is more powerful then ever, it has conquered and dominated most of the known world and continues to hold it in subjection.

Gallio Lupinus – History of the Empire Vol.I 


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Eldar Worship

Another piece finished and ready to build up more of the backstory for my current Leaves of Hellebore Series.

It has been almost a thousand years since the Fell War and the disappearance of the Eldar; there isn’t a soul who knows what kind of sorcery they used to end that conflict but it seems to have took them with it; a sacrificial magic beyond the wildest imagination of the wisest practitioners among Men.

With the Eldar vanished and fading into legend and myth, the power vacuum left behind was fast filled by Men of war who soon began upstart civilizations; if only the Eldar knew that their sacrifice would have only led to more warfare, this time between the fairer folk of the world, maybe they would have left the world to the Ogres and other fell creatures after all.

Once the Kingdoms and cities of Men were established, a new religion was born, that of Eldar worship. Ancient ruins became sites of pilgrimage, statues and artifacts were held in great reverence and temples were built; as closely to the Eldar knowledge of architecture as can be achieved by Man.

It has now matured into a very popular religion of peace and its followers adhere to doctrines created by  men of lore elected as priests. The doctrines are believed to be as close to the Eldar way of life as can be achieved with such little knowledge of that Age.

Gallio Lupinus – Religions and Philosophies of Mankind 

nude woman kneeling praying worship worshiping ancient religion art fantasy charcoal drawing illustration
Eldar Worship

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My Father’s Sword – TAE17 Charity Exhibition

About a week ago during a perusal of Twitter I came across a charity exhibition called the Twitter Art Exhibit, rather than churn out second hand facts I’ll just paste below what their website states – www.twitterartexhibit.org

#TwitterArtExhibit founder, David Sandum

“Through art we can change the world.”

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Astelle, Keeper of the Tomes

Here we are at last for another installment of the Leaves of Hellebore series, I’m still building a plot and this particular character’s introduction is integral to the main story which will begin to unfold soon.

Fantasy Art - J Glover Art - Josh Glover Art - Illustration - Portrait - Drawing - Leaves of Hellebore - Visual Story

“Astelle clutches her favourite of all the many books of Loregarde; a large, heavy and ancient tome of which she can understand nothing written within; but the beautifully written script is something magical in itself and captivating in the fullest sense leaving no need to understand, just a strong sense of admiration and wonderment.”

Astelle is the curator and keeper of the Loregarde Paper House, it boasts the largest collection of scrolls, records, tomes and manuscripts in the world and is also a place of learning for the sages.

Situated in the palace district of the Empire’s capital city, it is heavily guarded and entry is permitted only with special permission and even then not everything is allowed to be read by those permitted entry into the building; there is also a small collection of texts from the Eldar days although there are no known persons who can understand or translate them.

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Standing Stones at Imvel’s Watch

Here we are with the first post and piece of art for my new project, a visual fantasy story which I have titled ‘The Leaves of Hellebore’.

There will be a main narrative which will be told through oil paintings as and when they are completed, and because each main narrative piece may take some time I will touch on some of the lore of the world as well as building up backstory using smaller artworks which will mostly be told through drawings.

Anyway that’s enough writing for now, it’s time to take the first step of the journey and let the story begin…

fantasy art visual novel elven ruins standing stones ritual magic history lore drawing illustration
Standing Stones at Imvel’s Watch – Charcoal on Paper

“There are a great number of stone circles throughout the world, legend says that before the Eldar vanished after the Fell War they used them as outposts to keep watch for falling stars, the metals from which they forged and crafted into the most elaborate enchanted objects and weapons.

If you stand amongst the stones at night and look up to the heavens, you can still sense the presence of the Lost Folk…”

I hope you have enjoyed this short opening to the Leaves of Hellebore and I’ll be back as soon as possible with some more insight into this world and the stories within.

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