The Assassination of the Emperor

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The Assassination of the Emperor

After the Fell War and the disappearance of the Eldar; Mankind was left to fill the power vacuum that had been left behind; after decades of wars between the various clans and tribes the lands were divided up into larger kingdoms and thus the Age of Kings began.

This new kingdom arrangement brought an element of peace to the known world and produced a climate perfect for a boost in population growth and advancement; but after a few centuries the kingdoms began fighting again and this culminated in the War of the Kings and the birth of the Empire; founded by the general of the victorious army, Evrat.

Evrat, the leader of the newly founded Empire went on from the War of the Kings with a large army and continued on a series of campaigns conquering and devastating the resisting factions of the kingdoms until after fifteen years of proclaiming the new Empire he settled into the capital that he had built; Evradis.

Years of warfare and being on the frontlines of major battles had never proved too much for Emperor Evrat and his reputation only grew with every breath that he drew, but ultimately it was his penchant for prostitutes that proved to be his downfall; he was assassinated in a brothel at the behest of his brother-in-law who assumed the role of Emperor afterwards.

Emperor Evrat’s legacy lived on far beyond the man himself and the Empire is still in place four hundred years since its founding and is more powerful then ever, it has conquered and dominated most of the known world and continues to hold it in subjection.

Gallio Lupinus – History of the Empire Vol.I 



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