Hill Fort at Camelot

Hill Fort at Camelot - Watercolour A4
Hill Fort at Camelot – Watercolour A4

Here’s another watercolour piece for my “Camelot Series” I spent a couple of days working on in November, this particular scene captures the Hill Fort in the early days of Camelot, erected even before Uther Pendragon had been born as far the legendarium I am working with goes.

It’s still a learning process and I had a great deal of frustration and fun in the creation of this piece, in all I feel happier with this one than the last, if my work continues progressively like that then I’ll be happy.


Caravaggio & Normanno – David and Goliath

I’ve recently been piled under course work for my Art course that I’m studying at the moment and therefore have had trouble finding the time to write a new post, however, a new assignment I have to work on for my Academic Skills is a compare and contrast of two pieces of art. I’m going to write an analysis on each piece before I attempt to compare and contrast them so those will be posted onto here, followed by the final written piece that I do.

The works I have chosen for this assignment are both depictions of David and Goliath, and painted in the same medium, but 407 years apart, so it should be an interesting subject to approach.

Rocco Normanno - David and Goliath - 2006 - Oil on Canvas (150 x 150cm)
Rocco Normanno – David and Goliath – 2006 – Oil on Canvas (150 x 150cm)
Caravaggio - David and Goliath - 1599 - Oil on Canvas (110 x 91cm)
Caravaggio – David and Goliath – 1599 – Oil on Canvas (110 x 91cm)

I’m a big fan of Caravaggio’s work and his life in general, Normanno is new to me though, I only discovered him by accident and since looking for artworks for this essay. I can already feel that this is going to be an interesting process and I’m looking forward to picking these artworks apart to find out which artist is David and which is Goliath.



The George Hotel
The George Hotel

Me and a friend decided last week to go on a visit to Britain’s most historical town, Colchester. We left just before 7 AM and after 3 buses and as many hours, we finally arrived at a our location with a fair amount of day still ahead of us to explore this ancient town.

Out of true heritage appreciation, we started our adventure in The George Hotel, at the bar, as the first beer orders of the day.

Aside from our early morning alcoholism, we did see some historical sites as the day progressed, the whole point of the venture was for me to do an area study for an art project I’m currently working on.

The main focus of my attention was on the castle and I was gutted to find it covered in scaffolding, but such is and I got on with my research.

Colchester Castle - South Entrance
Colchester Castle – South Entrance

I now have a stockpile of images and ideas that I’m working with in order to see this project through, so I will be uploading bits as I get them finished to a standard that I can happily post them.


Colchester is an absolutely beautiful town, to the eye at least, and is rich in history and is a place where you can immerse yourself in the scenery from the castle to the remnants of the ancient Roman walls.

Anyway, stay posted and keep an eye out for the sketches I’ll start uploading from next week some time.