Ahch-To Jedi Village – #WorldsForgotten – May the 4th Special

May The Fourth Be With You!

Well, by the time of this post we’re two days late, but nevertheless, the illustration that is the subject of this post was completed in honour of this special date; recognised by all aspiring Jedi throughout the universe!

Well, maybe just Earth, but you get the point.

Welcome to my #WorldsForgotten series, every week I will be posting a new ink illustration accompanied by a short story just to set the scene; the rest will be left to the imagination of the viewer!

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Abandoned Farmstead – #WorldsForgotten

Welcome to #WorldsForgotten

Welcome to my new project, the #WorldsForgotten series, every week I will be posting a new ink illustration accompanied by a short story just to set the scene; the rest will be left to the imagination of the viewer!

The Illustration

abandoned village medieval skyrim ink drawing art illustration josh glover landscape fantasy artist lotr tv series
Abandoned Farmstead – Ink on Mixed Media Paper – 4″ x 6″

The Story

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#WorldsForgotten – New Weekly Art Series!

Hi Everyone!

This is the beginning of a new weekly series; an exploration in ink of forgotten worlds and lands that have been left to the mercy of time and memory.

The idea of this project is to create a habit of drawing with ink at least once per week to increase my knowledge and skills with the medium; it’s a medium that I have fallen in love with and really want to use a lot more.

The theme of this series #WorldsForgotten can cover an absolutely huge range of ideas and concepts to work with; landscapes, ruins, architecture, sculptures; I can approach it from a historical point of view or a fantasy one; set the scene in our own world or an alternate one.

I will even be able to tie this theme in with other future ink drawings for my Middle-earth series!

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Morning Coffee & Sketch – Part XVI

Good Morning!

Welcome to my Morning Coffee & Sketch series, as with the last two posts of this series I have used architectural ruins as my subject again; I love ruins and I think they tell a wonderful story of their own without the need for prompting or posing. It has also been a great learning curve playing loosely with perspective and sketching stonework.

Before I move onto the sketch for this morning though, I recently started working on a previous Morning Sketch concept and turning it into a finished artwork, you can see the process of that here – The Last Flight of the War Drakes.

Now for this morning’s sketch!

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Morning Coffee & Sketch – Part XV

Good Morning!

Welcome to part fifteen of my Morning Coffee & Sketch series, in honour of keeping the momentum I have another sketch and have ingested another ton of caffeine since the last post yesterday!

For this sketch I decided to use the sanguine pastel pencil again on the watercolour paper that I stained with the nut brown ink a while back, it’s a nice feeling working on a toned paper the form just seems to appear immediately.

Anyway, here is this morning’s sketch –

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Morning Coffee & Sketch – Part XIV

Good Morning!

Welcome to the fourteenth part of my Morning Coffee & Sketch series!

Firstly I apologise for my absence of late; it’s been a hectic couple of weeks and that’s why my posting has been sporadic at best. Anyway, all is back to normal now, well as normal as it ever was if normal it can be called ha.

So I have a new sketch for this morning, which will be expanded upon at a later date so here goes nothing –

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The Art of Francis Towne

For this post, we will have a look at the traditional art of an independent and usually reclusive artist named Francis Towne.

In 1780-81, Towne went on the dangerous journey to the heart of the Ancient Empire of Rome and in doing so created some of the most beautiful watercolour paintings I’ve ever seen; using his incredible aptitude with a brush he brought out the elegance of the ruins of the old Empire and romanticized them poetically.

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