Kakarot – Son Goku – Dragon Ball Z Charcoal Drawing Manga Illustration

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Kakarot – Son Goku – Charcoal on Toned Paper – 10″ x 8″

Here is the latest addition to my portfolio, Kakarot. My favourite character from the Dragon Ball series and a strong childhood memory. The furthest back that I can remember drawing regularly, it was Dragon Ball characters and most especially, Goku.

The main difference being, I used to watch episodes and then draw scenes from memory, I wish I still had those early drawings, they would be interesting to look back on.

Anyway, this is the new artwork in the bag!

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Current Direction – Tristan and Yseult Art Project on Hold

In light of a few technicalities I’ve been having with getting started on my Tristan and Yseult painting, I’m going to put that on the back burner for a short while; though I have written an outline of the legend as I want it to be and will flesh that out and edit it to post real soon. For the painting itself, I will get round to it once the arisen problems with it have been solved.

In the meantime and due to the inspiration I received whilst writing my last post, I’m going to create some ‘Middle Earth’ themed artworks, it’s something I’m a huge fan of and also by regularly creating artworks it’s good practice and training for me.

This will mainly consist of loads of sketches and drawings, finally culminating in an oil painting showing one of Tolkien’s masterful narrative scenes; there’s also the possibility of one or two watercolour landscapes as well, I’m currently more comfortable with watercolours than I am with oils as I’m totally new to them therefore the one oil painting that I do produce may take some time to accomplish.

My next post will be on Wednesday 15th July and will contain some sketches that I’ve been doing for this project.


Romans 12:12

Romans 12:12 - Watercolour, Charcoal, on A4 Watercolour Paper
Romans 12:12 – Watercolour, Charcoal, on A4 Watercolour Paper

Romans 12:12 – Rejoice in the hope. Endure under tribulation. Persevere in prayer.

This piece of work took me about 4.5 hours to complete, I started by giving the paper a wash with yellow ochre watercolour, to give a kind of aged look to the surface I was to draw on. I then sketched out my wife’s hands in a praying position, using charcoal. I had to work from a photograph after the initial sketch so I worked all the detail and tone from photo, and heavily defined every line I could see clearly on the hands.

The title of this piece, is a scripture that I found afterwards that I thought to be quite fitting in more ways than one and I hope that the image conveys the meaning clearly.


Colchester Castle Artwork

As I mentioned in a previous short post about Colchester, I have been working on an area project as part of my college coursework. This post will show some of the sketches that I have created of the Castle itself, I’ve also uploaded the images to the Portfolio section of my site in full size.

North-West Wall of Colchester Castle, Blue Biro
North-West Wall of Colchester Castle, Blue Biro

This quick sketch of the North-West wall was done in blue Biro pen, I didn’t bother too much with perspective as I just wanted to get a loose sketch down onto the paper.

North-East Tower, Cupula, South-West Tower of Colchester Castle, Willow Charcoal
North-East Tower, Cupula, South-West Tower of Colchester Castle, Willow Charcoal

I particularly enjoyed creating these three sketches with charcoal, a medium that I don’t use often but I really enjoy using when I do. The sketches show the North-East tower, the Cupula and the South-West tower of the castle. Again I wasn’t overly attentive to perspective, I just made a couple of rough vanishing points and laid down my images. I really need to work with charcoals a lot more.

Colchester Castle, Pencil, Based on the work of another artist
Colchester Castle, Pencil, Based on the work of another artist

This drawing in pencil is most probably my favorite one so far in this project, I used a drawing by Robert Wisdom as reference for this piece, also this time I did pay attention to perspective, using two-point perspective to carry out the drawing.

Colchester Castle Main Entrance, Pencil
Colchester Castle Main Entrance, Pencil

Last but my no means the least, is the main entrance in the South wall, drawn in pencil from a photograph that I took on the day. I personally feel that of all my drawings so far, this one shows the character of the castle the best, capturing enough detail to show a nice texture of the stone fortress.

So that’s four of my sketches for this project, I still have some more bits and pieces to upload, and more work to do, hopefully I’ll get some monotype prints done as well. Also in my Portfolio, I have a few other things that I’ve done over the past year if you wish to have a look. In the meantime, thanks for checking this post out and feel free to leave any feedback and comments.