Viking Longship at Sea – Speed Paint Oil Painting Illustration

Sound An Alarm! Vikings Are Coming!

Some of history’s greatest seafarers, an inspiration to all those with an adventurous spirit, or a plundering one for that matter.

I decided to try something new with this small piece; a speed painting.

I really struggle to get a good amount of time in for a half decent painting session, working on one of my more thought out artworks and as a result, most of the time end up not painting at all. With that in mind, I had a couple of hours spare and decided to just go for it and try my hand at a speed painting.

Anyway, here it is –

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The Fallen Tower – Hadleigh Castle Ruins – Oil Painting Sketch – A Historical Fantasy Landscape Illustration

A retreat of Edward III, a muse for John Constable, a local ruin for inspiration…

Hadleigh castle is a place that I absolutely love to visit, it’s a 15 minute drive from home and is situated both strategically and beautifully nestled in the countryside of Essex, overlooking the Thames estuary.

For this post I won’t be going into the details of the castle’s history as this is merely a blog post to show an oil sketch that I have recently created and not a finished painting; that will come in the future.

The Fallen Tower - Hadleigh Castle - Oil Paint Sketch - Fantasy Histroy Landscape Oil Painting Art Illustration john constable historical artwork
The Fallen Tower – Hadleigh Castle – Oil Paint Sketch

As the summer draws closer I am making plans to spend a good bit of time around these ruins, sketching on site and hopefully doing a bit of plein air painting, working towards a definitive oil painting showing the ruins and the surrounding landscape in all their glory.

The part of the ruins shown in this sketch however, I intend to incorporate into a fantasy artwork, either as the main focal point, or a background piece depending on where the mood and composition takes me at that stage

The Farewell Speech!

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Until next time, farewell!


Morning Coffee & Sketch – Part VIII

Good Morning!

Welcome to Part VIII of my Morning Coffee & Sketch series, this morning I had the coffee percolator preset and ready for the moment I opened my eyes which is nice; for me one of the most encouraging things in the morning is opening the bedroom door and smelling the beautiful aromas of fresh coffee calling me from downstairs.

I am two cups of coffee in at the time of writing this post and there will be plenty more as the day goes on I’m sure. I’ll also be working on my painting today which I posted a progress post of not long ago; you can see that by Clicking Here.

Now to the task at hand, this morning’s sketch –

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Morning Coffee & Sketch – Part IV

Good Morning!

Welcome to Part IV of my Morning Coffee & Sketch series; I’ve prepared two quick figure sketches this morning, very loose and rough but very inspiring to develop further and transform them into strong narrative elements.

Today’s accompanying coffee was just a simple flat white and it done the job of bringing me to life this morning, it’s terribly dark and too cold for my liking in the morning here in the northern hemisphere at this time of year.

Without further ado, we’ll jump straight to the sketches –

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The Concept Art of Assassin’s Creed

Assassin’s Creed is one of few video games that has held a firm place in my life, from it’s release in 2007 when I first managed to get my hands on it; borrowing it from a friend, I was hooked. The beautifully rich world design, coupled with the intensely gripping story line has fed my gaming appetite and left me wanting more for a good nine years.

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John Howe – Concept Art Master

In a previous post I wrote briefly about some artworks created for The Lord of the Rings trilogy, the books and the movies; created by the artists Alan Lee & John Howe and I have decided to take a more in depth look at John Howe for this post.

John Howe is quite possibly my favourite Contemporary artist and illustrator, I find his work extremely inspirational and inventive, his imagination is magically unlimited and his ability to transcribe his vision onto the page is awe-inspiring.

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The Art of Jerry Vanderstelt

 This week I’ll be looking at the work of a newly discovered Tolkien artist; Jerry Vanderstelt. I came across Vanderstelt whilst looking at art prints for sale on the Weta Workshop website earlier today and instantly found it appealing. As expected with being on the Weta website, Vanderstelt has used the actors from the movies to portray the characters from the Lord of the Rings.

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