Geisha Girl – Charcoal Figure Drawing – New Art & A Twitch Stream

So I’ve Been Back To The Drawing Board…

I felt that it was high time to change a few things with my blog/website and general artwork output. When I began this journey I began with the intentions of working more so in the area of fine art, of telling stories of my own creation and of re-imagining folklore, history and mythology.

Somewhere along the way I got wrapped in fan art, and as a lover of the fantasy genre this is easily done. I’m now going to balance the fan art work out a lot more with some more finer art; figure drawings, still life paintings and landscapes. All of which will still hold a narrative nonetheless.

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Morning Coffee & Sketch – Part XIV

Good Morning!

Welcome to the fourteenth part of my Morning Coffee & Sketch series!

Firstly I apologise for my absence of late; it’s been a hectic couple of weeks and that’s why my posting has been sporadic at best. Anyway, all is back to normal now, well as normal as it ever was if normal it can be called ha.

So I have a new sketch for this morning, which will be expanded upon at a later date so here goes nothing –

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Morning Coffee & Sketch – Part III

Good Morning and welcome to another Morning Coffee & Sketch!!

Today we’re going to jump straight into the sketch and straight into the second cup of coffee; this is an idea that’s been on my mind for quite a while now and will soon be realised in more detail –

dragons flying in flight sketch drawing art fantasy illustration j glover art josh glover
Flight of the War Drakes

This sketch shows the moment that the great dragons have mustered together and head off to battle, the last war of their kind; I’ll go into a fuller sense of the story when I create the detailed artwork of this scene. I’m most likely going to use watercolours for that as I think the qualities of watercolours will work well for the atmosphere of the scene.

When it does come to the final version, the composition will change slightly and the mountain range quite possible, but this sketch shows the general idea of the Flight of the War Drakes.

As is the custom with these morning sketches, they are all working towards my current project, the Leaves of Hellebore, which you can find the other work for by clicking the link.

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Until next time, farewell!


Standing Stones at Imvel’s Watch

Here we are with the first post and piece of art for my new project, a visual fantasy story which I have titled ‘The Leaves of Hellebore’.

There will be a main narrative which will be told through oil paintings as and when they are completed, and because each main narrative piece may take some time I will touch on some of the lore of the world as well as building up backstory using smaller artworks which will mostly be told through drawings.

Anyway that’s enough writing for now, it’s time to take the first step of the journey and let the story begin…

fantasy art visual novel elven ruins standing stones ritual magic history lore drawing illustration
Standing Stones at Imvel’s Watch – Charcoal on Paper

“There are a great number of stone circles throughout the world, legend says that before the Eldar vanished after the Fell War they used them as outposts to keep watch for falling stars, the metals from which they forged and crafted into the most elaborate enchanted objects and weapons.

If you stand amongst the stones at night and look up to the heavens, you can still sense the presence of the Lost Folk…”

I hope you have enjoyed this short opening to the Leaves of Hellebore and I’ll be back as soon as possible with some more insight into this world and the stories within.

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Until next time, farewell!


InkTober 2016 – Week 3

Back again for week 3 of my InkTober participation, I managed to get at least a quick sketch done for each day this week and I’m finding myself becoming a lot more comfortable using ink.

I’ve also been looking at the work from a lot of other people and there is some truly amazing stuff being created for InkTober.

Some artists are using InkTober to create a continual story that takes the viewer through the 31 days; plucked along day by day with a visual narrative that keeps the viewer wanting to come back the following day and see the development.

The idea of the storytelling approach is one that I find highly appealing, I think that’s what I’ll do for next year as it is a lot more engaging than 31 totally random and unrelated sketches.

Anyway, here are the fruits of my labour for this past week –

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InkTober 2016 – Week 1

InkTober Logo 2016 Inktober October Drawing Illustration Ink Sketching Art Artist Draftsmen

So we’re three days into InkTober 2016 and it’s time to publish the fruits of my labour on my blog.

So far I’ve found myself starting my InkTober work late in the day due to other commitments and coming close to winging it every day, but my resolve is strong; the downside being that the past three days have produced very fast and very loose sketches; the sort of art that never makes it out of my sketchbook and into the view of anybody.

That being said though, this month is about improving skill and every time the pen touches the paper, whether rough sketching or detailed work, it provides a lesson and a growth of skill.

So here goes nothing…

Inktober 2016 sketch ink drawing art illustration wolf howling at the moon
InkTober Day 01 – Lone Wolf
Inktober 2016 sketch ink drawing art illustration viking norse raven odin mythology history
InkTober Day 02 – Raven’s Head
Inktober 2016 sketch ink drawing art illustration viking voyage landscape longship vikings history legend myth
InkTober Day 03 – Viking Voyage

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Well that’s all so far, I’ll be back next Monday with the following week’s results and hopefully some more refined sketches and studies, if you’re also taking part in InkTober 2016, feel free to leave the link for your site in the comments or email me; I’ll be happy to check them out.

Until next time, farewell!


Change of Direction – New Paths

So many people in this world are scared of change, whether big or little; I see it as an opportunity to adapt, start anew and build up an empire, alas, don’t ever fear change but on the contrary, embrace it. – J Glover

I recently made a decision that was found to be shocking by the people around me, my friends and even my wife, who knows me better than anyone. That decision was that after 2 years of working hard in education in order to go to uni, I will no longer be going. This decision wasn’t an off the cuff spur of the moment change of heart about my future caused by being unsure of what I want from life; my end game is the same, my objective clear and concise, a set destination of immovable strength; it’s just the road that I’m taking to get there that is different.

This was incited by troubles in getting the funding that I needed, a lot of hassle and stress that isn’t needed at the best of times, but this minor tribulation set off a whirlwind of thoughts and deep contemplation, tropical brainstorms and meditating until my pulse stopped, weighing up and reasoning on every aspect of my decision to go to university and the course that was available to me.

I had chosen to take a Fine Art BA (Hons) Degree; now when I initially pictured Fine Art, I had a beautifully romanticized vision of a modern Verrocchio’s workshop. Tutors that would teach me to draw and paint like the masters of the Renaissance, Sculpt like Michelangelo and provide plenty of hours worth of figure studies each and every week. Research on different narratives, mythologies and a study of philosophy. Obviously my definition of Fine Art is very outdated and too far gone to even be sniffed at in a modern Fine Art degree. A Fine Art Atelier would probably be better suited to my needs, but due to lack of funding available for such a course and locality this isn’t an option either.

Instead of what I envisioned, the course has dropped figure studies from its curriculum and the rest is more Contemporary than I would like to be involved in, Conceptual art, challenging conventions and Installation work; whilst I have seen artworks from each category that I have liked, it’s not what I personally want to create or be a part of. From unmade beds to condensation cubes and glittered excrement I found myself questioning if it really was for me. The end result of my contemplation was that I don’t want to invest 3 years and so much debt into something that I’m not 100% dedicated to. I’m not suggesting that the course is worthless or that I wouldn’t have learned anything because that would be a ridiculous idea, it’s just not going to teach me what I want to learn and will involve me spending too much time away from what I do want to do and my personal studies.

My next step now is to self educate, with the power of books and the internet on top of spending every day in practical work I will learn to draw and paint in the way I want to, whether frowned upon or not to prefer the traditional methods, that is what I’m going to do, staying true to myself rather than going to university on a whim for the experience or conforming to the Contemporary art industry. It’s funny really that they spend so much time trying to find new ways to “challenge convention” that they’ve lost their way, it’s turned now to the point that I’m challenging convention more by wanting to draw and paint in the traditional manners and techniques.

Also underlying all of this is the fact that I would love to work as a concept artist, for film,TV or computer games and although a lot of this work would be done digitally through software such as Photoshop, it still offers opportunity to be traditional in the sense of creating a narrative using paint, drawing and sketching, research and practice; these are the things that appeal to me more than anything. The thing that would get me a job in the field of Conceptual Design will be my portfolio based around that area, not a degree and a portfolio full of glittered turds and “this is art because I say it is” pieces.

Time is a very important factor as well, by not attending university five days a week, I have the time to go to London regularly to visit galleries, places of interest, museums and draw inspiration from them; I’ll also be able to make more trips to my home away from home that is Italy. Trips to other places of interest and long walks through natural landscapes, sketching and painting as I go will also now be a part of my itinerary. In addition to these things, I’ll have more time to build up my blog and remain consistent with posts, not having to neglect neither this or my artwork due to having to write essays or dissertations and not running on fumes every day. My creativity will be nurtured and in full bloom due to my decision and inspiration comes from within as much as from without, if not more so.

I may have rambled a fair amount through this post but the point of me posting it is to show that change is not something to avoid, change of mind is not a sign of failure or fear to commit, it is something to embrace and use to your advantage wherever possible. We are human, adapting to new situations is part of our being and a skill that comes naturally, never having to be learned as long as you don’t fear to utilize it.


Vatican Angel – Watercolour

Vatican Angel - Watercolour on Paper
Vatican Angel – Watercolour on Paper

This is a painting that I done in watercolour in March, I created this using a photograph that I previously took, as a reference to work from.

The original statue is to be found on the Ponte Vittorio Emanuele bridge in Rome, leading one into the Vatican city, I’ve tried researching who designed the sculpture and who made it but without many results¹. The bridge itself was constructed to the designs of Ennio de Rossi.

Overall this painting is an interpretation of the battle between dark and light, good and evil, I have attempted to describe this battle in a few different ways within the piece.

To begin with is the obvious, a silhouetted angel figure, a figure that is instantly associated with light and love, is a dark black silhouette, no light emanating from the angel whatsoever, but it is illuminated by the lighter background behind it, almost as though it is being pushed forward by the light, and away from the light.

Upon further examination of the light behind the angel, it becomes evident that it is actually a storm cloud, battling it out with the much lighter and more welcoming pristine blue sky, whether the cloud is building up, ready to engulf the world of light or whether it is dissipating is open to the interpretation of the viewer.

That brings us back to the angel itself, so at first a vision of darkness, it’s now questionable whether the angel is fighting off the darkness that’s surrounding it and seemingly fighting a losing battle; being consumed by the darkness from within and becoming another fallen angel; or is the angel sacrificing itself, consuming the darkness to bring the light to the world?




¹If anyone reading this knows who the artist was that designed and sculpted these statues I am dying to know so I would be thrilled if you could enlighten me, I’m pretty certain that they’re not works of Bernini, although there’s tons of his designs dotted around the entire city; both Rome and the Vatican.

Calotype Photography – Paris & London

The course I’m currently on at college is called an “Access to Art & Design Foundation Diploma”, basically it does what it says on the tin and upon completion with a pass, I gain the opportunity to “access” university and study at degree level in any art-related area. This is an intense course, packed with various different modules of art types; figure studies, graphics, printmaking, 3D, colour theory, mixed media, textiles and photography; eventually ended with a final major project.

At the moment I’m working on a few modules at once, this post however is in relation to the photography module, and also a touch of graphics I guess but it won’t be submitted for graphics as I have already completed that module.

Calotype Photography

Henry Fox Talbot - Trafalgar Square
Henry Fox Talbot – Trafalgar Square

The calotype was first introduced in 1841 by William Henry Fox Talbot and was one of the earliest methods of photograph development; without going too into detail and unraveling the entire history of photography and the variety of methods discovered, I’m just going to move forward.

I have made 2 digital calotypes, using Photoshop CS6 and 2 of my own photographs.

Josh Glover - Parisian Atmosphere
Josh Glover – Parisian Atmosphere

This photograph was taken in Paris, from the entrance of the Musée du Louvre, this photo, in all of it’s beauty was one of those happy accidents, when you just point and click and don’t realise the atmosphere and beauty that has just been immortalised in that very moment; in fact I didn’t realise until well after I had got back to the UK and was looking through the photographs I had taken. The digital calotype process has in my opinion, given this image an even better ambience and the true vintage feel that Paris emits through every piece of cracked pavement.

Josh Glover - The National Gallery, Trafalgar Square
Josh Glover – The National Gallery, Trafalgar Square

I took this photo of the National Gallery earlier this year whilst visiting, again the calotype process has added extra eminence to this historical and magnificent building, the antique photographic quality is a compliment to the beautifully powerful architecture of this re envisioned Parthenon; standing dominantly in London’s Trafalgar Square, swallowing tourists by the thousands.

Well, that is all from me for now I hope that if you have seen them, you like them; I certainly don’t profess to be a photographer in any way, but I am enjoying the module and the learning curve of camera use, which is incredibly harder than the point and click method I previously employed.

Until next time, au revoir!