Dragon – Ink Drawing

For just over a week now I’ve had to take a break from the Ruins Project to work on a commissioned piece, I’ve now finished the commission and thought that I would publish some of the work that I done in the early stages whilst gathering ideas and conceptualising; and also the finished piece of work that I produced.

The first thing that I had to do was to figure out the pose that I wanted the finished dragon to be in and how the dragon would look, they’re not the easiest creatures to find reference for without trampling all over someone else’s artwork so I spent hours looking at all different types of reptiles, from lizards to crocodiles trying to build up a good reptilian profile in my mind. I did also have a look through a lot of dragon pieces created by other artists, it’s incredible how popular dragons are as a subject of artwork.

Anyway that’s enough of me waffling, let’s get the sketches up.

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