Nocturnal Sun – Original Oil Painting – 30% Discount & Free Worldwide P&P – Only 1 Available – Ends in 5 Days!

Nocturnal Sun – Oil on Canvas – 11.75″ x 15.75″

This original fantasy landscape was painted from imagination using palette knives and painting in a think impasto technique.

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Jawas on Tatooine – Star Wars – Oil Painting


I have been a Star Wars fan for as long as I can remember, the OT was finished up almost a decade before I was born and I was born into a Star Wars household.

My favourite creatures from the Star Wars universe are without a doubt, Jawas. Ironically, I didn’t realise this until the release of the Mandalorian and seeing the Jawas again but in a different context, the nostalgia value hit high.

This in turn inspired me to want to turn out some Jawa themed artworks, this post here shows the first which is a bit of a character study style piece; made with the intention to inform a small series of future Jawa paintings that will have a different look to them to this one.

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Legend of Zelda Illustrations Roundup

Hey Listen!

I decided that I needed to put out a short blog post with a roundup of my illustrations from the recent Legend of Zelda miniseries that I put out. I have a couple of charcoal drawings in am ore fine art style and the rest are ink and watercolour pieces.

The Legend of Zelda is a subject of inspiration that I will continually revisit over time as I love the story, the franchise and the massive nostalgia points I get each and every time. That’s without mention of the absolutely incredible Zelda community which alone is reason enough to create Zelda artworks!

I wouldn’t have worked on a series of as many piece as I did this time around though if it wasn’t for the nudge and inspiration from Joel Siegel over at Linktober – The fact that he put on the Zelda Creator Con and gave me a place within it gave me a massive boost as well as in incentive to get truly stuck in, even putting my Geisha series on hold for a short time.

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Geisha Mermaid – Charcoal Drawing – Mermay 2020 Illustration

Have you seen a Geisha dance underwater?

Whilst it’s true that there are no ochaya (tea houses) underwater that are operating and hiring Geisha, there is always room in the imagination to invent some. I’ve been working on a series of Geisha artworks and then suddenly, Mermay 2020 was upon me.

Mermay is described by its founders as a month-long celebration of creativity, community and above all… MERMAIDS. People use this month to create a variety of Mermaid illustrations, many people creating one for each day of the event. I’ve never partook in this particular ‘drawing challenge’ so this time around, I made a point to throw out at least one piece.

Now for the artwork –

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Princess Zelda – Charcoal Portrait Drawing – Fine Art – Illustration

Continuing on with my Legend of Zelda miniseries, I decided to add a piece into the mix with more of a fine art vibe to it. So far I’ve worked up a few ink and watercolour illustrations with a few more planned, this piece however is a charcoal drawing; with the intention of later being an oil painting.

Let’s get straight to the artwork…

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Legend of Zelda – Miniseries I – Watercolour Illustrations

Hey Listen!

Every now and then I am suddenly and unexpectedly hit with surges of nostalgia, and having art and illustration as my choice medium of outlet, this usually always results in artwork. Sometimes just a doodle of scribble, sometimes a painting; and occasionally a series.

This is the case with this miniseries, I also will be adding a few more pieces to this set as well using different media; as I have been accepted into the upcoming Zelda Creator Con by Linktober!

Anyway, before I keep rambling on like the Great Deku Tree, let’s see some art…

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May The Fourth Be With You! Live Streams, New Art & A Star Wars Art Sale!

Happy Star Wars Day!

As I write this post, it’s now quite late into Star Wars day for me here in the UK, however, it’s been a great one, probably my best yet and it will continue much into the weekend for me; lockdown is a great excuse for binging!

Let’s begin this post with a new artwork I’ve completed –

jawas - tatooine - star wars - illustration - art - charcoal - drawing
Jawas on Tatooine – Charcoal

I recently undertook and completed this charcoal drawing to serve as a preliminary for a new oil painting, a May the Fourth special which also served as the subject for a live stream (more on that in a bit).

I’ve always had an odd obsession with Jawas and I’ll be doing some more Jawa based artworks in the future so this is just the beginning. In later piece I intend to put more emphasis on the landscape narrative whereas this piece is more of a character portrait.

This original drawing is currently available to buy with a 25% discount and free worldwide p&p – Just Click Here.

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A Shortcut to Mushrooms – Charcoal Drawing – Lord of the Rings Illustration

lord of the rings - art - illustration - fantasy - jrr tolkien - charcoal - drawing - JGlover
A Shortcut to Mushrooms – Charcoal

‘Hobbits have a passion for mushrooms, surpassing even the greediest likings of Big People’

The Lord of the Rings – The Fellowship of the Ring, Book I, Chapter V – A Conspiracy Unmasked

I recently did something that has been quite a long held ambition of mine; I depicted myself as a Hobbit. This was quite an off the cuff project, planned, sketched and completed within a few hours for a competition that I entered.

I love Hobbits; I also love mushrooms; and Hobbits love mushrooms so this tripartite arrangement birthed a new artwork.

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Geisha Girl – Charcoal Figure Drawing – New Art & A Twitch Stream

So I’ve Been Back To The Drawing Board…

I felt that it was high time to change a few things with my blog/website and general artwork output. When I began this journey I began with the intentions of working more so in the area of fine art, of telling stories of my own creation and of re-imagining folklore, history and mythology.

Somewhere along the way I got wrapped in fan art, and as a lover of the fantasy genre this is easily done. I’m now going to balance the fan art work out a lot more with some more finer art; figure drawings, still life paintings and landscapes. All of which will still hold a narrative nonetheless.

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Corvus – A Raven’s Tale – Crown of Crows – Part XXXIX – The Darkness Spreads

Corvus - Webcomic - art - graphic novel - illustration - drawing - folklore - story - fantasy - crown of crows - a ravens tale
The Darkness Spreads

It felt like a lifetime since Corvus had left Crowshaven in pursuit of finding the Starshade herb that would cure his sister’s sickness. He had found the mystical and somewhat mythical White Raven; learned of an ancient prophecy and now seen it reach its fulfilment.

The Crown of Crows had been obtained and a Ravenking had been crowned after centuries of divided tribal territories.

The battle for Treehold Keep was over and the war won by the Corvids.

Now all that was left was a waiting game. The Corvids knew that the Darkness was going to spread and they were assured by Alwyn, the White Raven, that the castle was a place of safety and sanctuary.

The Darkness slowly swallowed up the landscape; the Corvids kept themselves hidden away and prepared for a long, dark winter…

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