The Stumbling Block…

The past few days have been a challenge indeed, I’ve been working on a new drawing for my Leaves of Hellebore project and had everything going nicely up until the end when it came to the hair.

Cursed curly hair, the photo reference I had failed me in those final moments and left me in dire straits.

That’s been it for the past few evenings, hours spent drawing in the hair and then erasing it and repeating until today, I decided to spend a few hours studying hair and drawing from life to gain a better understanding, with the aim of inventing the hair for my drawing and making it look as real as possible.

 A couple of pages of sketches I did whilst studying hair.

All said and done, this evening I finished the drawing off and whilst I’m not entirely happy with the hair it looks better than all the previously erased versions I had drawn. Also on the bright side, I’ve learned a lot about how hair works and the fundamentals of drawing it with volume and texture which is the foundation of a lesson that I’ll be building upon for the rest of my life.

Anyway I’ll have the new piece published tomorrow evening accompanied by its part in the story for the Leaves of Hellebore.

Until then, farewell!