An Elven Seductress and the Sword of the King

Elves, swords and kings… Staples of fantasy

The past couple of weeks have been more hectic and upside down than they usually are, which is saying something; between the massively unsociable hour shifts I work and decorating/upheaval going on at home; art life and blog posts have been a bit of a mythological prospect.

However, there hasn’t been total radio silence on the artwork front.

bilbo baggins ink drawing the road goes ever on jrr tolkien hobbit lotr lord of the rings silmarillion
The Road Goes Ever On – Ink Drawing WIP

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Morning Coffee & Sketch – Part V

Good Morning!!

Welcome to the fifth installment of my Morning Coffee & Sketch series, I’m still finding my feet with this new feature and enjoying the process of keeping it up; I’m sure there will be some minor tweaks and adjustments that I will make down the line to improve it, but so far, so good.

Also, all the sketches that I’m creating for this series correlate to my current project; which is a visual fantasy novel and world that I’m creating called The Leaves of Hellebore.

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A Walk Outside – Healing the Mind

After a short hiatus and a struggle to get back into the swing of working on my art projects every day and keeping the blog updated regularly enough to justify having one, I’m finally getting back into the mindstate I require in order to get the work done.

In aid of this journey back to my preferred reality, this evening I decided that me and my wife should get out for an hour or so and go down to the marina at the local nature reserve and go for a nice walk in the serenity of the beautiful landscape which is unbelievably close to the council estate we live in.

View of Marina – Thames Estuary

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