Kakarot – Son Goku – Dragon Ball Z Charcoal Drawing Manga Illustration

goku - kakarot - dragon ball z - dragonball - anime - manga - art - illustration - charcoal - figure drawing
Kakarot – Son Goku – Charcoal on Toned Paper – 10″ x 8″

Here is the latest addition to my portfolio, Kakarot. My favourite character from the Dragon Ball series and a strong childhood memory. The furthest back that I can remember drawing regularly, it was Dragon Ball characters and most especially, Goku.

The main difference being, I used to watch episodes and then draw scenes from memory, I wish I still had those early drawings, they would be interesting to look back on.

Anyway, this is the new artwork in the bag!

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The Watercolour Sketch Series – Part I

Memory Lane has been a popular destination of late…

Over the past few weeks I have been working up a series of watercolour sketches, it wasn’t really intentional, just a quick little bit of doodling some mornings before work and it soon became a part of an occasional routine.

Serving as the inspiration behind these sketches, i have been using nostalgia as a vehicle to take me down Memory Lane and revisiting iconic characters/scenes/stories from my childhood.

I have every intention of continuing this series and I have a ton of inspiration to draw from and endless artworks to create for this series. Star Wars for instance will be revisited several times, as will many of the other ones!

Anyway, let’s get into the artworks –

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