Artistic Inspiration – The Muse

For this insight writing an examination of the concept of the muse has been an interesting task to undertake; I have trawled through a range of dusty old tomes and consulted the Delphi Oracle, as well as using the modern technology lying at my fingertips in order to gather enough information and research to meditate on thoroughly and to write a post about.

The main reason for my investigation of the muse is to better understand the history of the idea, in order to better understand my own personal interpretation of my muse. This undertaking will provide some scope on the subject but I don’t intend to write an entire book about it, so it may be brief in parts.

To begin this short pilgrimage through the philosophy and ideology behind the muse, it’s probably best to start at the beginning, or the beginning of the concept of muses anyway.

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Fresh Start

New Zealand – Auckland – Rangitoto Sun Rise – By Steven Mileham

I have made this new blog to have a fresh start, I had one previous to this but I was new to the whole concept so I decided  to delete the old site and have created a new one, with a bit more savvy about how it works.

The main focus of what I post is going to be art-related although there will also be other topics that I decide to muse and blog about.

I am also picking up my artwork that had to be sent off for my Art course that I’ve just completed and I have bought myself a scanner, so I will be able to get my portfolio started and keep it updated regularly.

For this post now I’m going to leave it short and sweet but I will be posting again soon, I hope if you come across this blog you will enjoy the content and feel free to comment and follow.